Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships

Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships
Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships are awarded by the Pondicherry University, a premier university of India that was founded in October 1985 by the Government of India through an Act of Parliament. A Central University, it is fully funded by the UGC and conducts on-campus teaching and research in Post Graduate level, besides being an affiliating University to 57 colleges. Situated on a sprawling campus spread over an area of 780 acres of land, the Pondicherry University has 1,600 students enrolled on the main campus and another 27,000 students in the distance education mode.Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships are provided to students at the postgraduate level on a merit cum means basis. A number of scholarships are awarded to the students by the Government of India, the Government of Pondicherry, the UGC and the Pondicherry University that are designed to cover expenses related to their respective fields of study.Details of Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships:Merit cum means scholarships are awarded both by the Government of Pondicherry and the Pondicherry University. Merit Scholarships are awarded to students who secure the highest percentage of marks in P.G. Admission entrance examination. Besides these, 20% of the students in each P.G. Degree program are eligible for the award of MCM Scholarship of the University. This scholarship is based both on merit of the student and his parental income which should not exceed Rs.30,000 per annum. Also, 20% of the students in each of the P.G. degree program are eligible for the award of ‘Freeship’ which covers the tuition fee for one academic year. Such ‘Freeships’ are only available to students whose annual parental income does not exceed Rs. 30000.Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships are usually awarded on a semester basis unless otherwise specified.

Scholarship Type :
Scholarships and Fellowships for Postgraduates and Reasearch Scholars

Eligibility : Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships are awarded by the Pondicherry University to the meritorious and the needy students studying in the various departments of the university. For awarding the scholarships, the academic performance of the students and their annual parental income are usually taken into account.

Process : Applications for Pondicherry University Merit Scholarships are usually made by the candidate at the time of admission. The University guides the student regarding the various application procedures.

Contact : Pondicherry University,R.Venkataraman Nagar, Kalapet ,Puducherry – 605 014, India.Tel : +91- 413 – 2655991 Fax : +91- 413 – 2655255

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  1. Dilli babu says:

    Respected sir,
    I am studying 2nd year b.com(c.a). I got 83%of intermediate. previous year 72%.my family is poor. And also income below 50,000 per year.I have also two sisters.pls provide me scholoorship

  2. Dilli babu says:

    I am dilli babu my family poor family and i am studying very well.present study degree. i have get 83% of inter.

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