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Unity Trust Scholarships

Invitation to apply for scholarship

Applications for the Friends For Higher Education Scholarship are invited from financially challenged underprivileged undergraduate students. The award is contingent upon applicant attending the entire semester.

Scholarships awarded are chosen by the Unity trust in consultation with the student’s Department/College. Selection criteria include:

1. Financially hardship of the student
2. Impact of the scholarship to the undergraduate student’s career.

The trust attempts to fund according to need and the amount of the award may vary. Incomplete applications will result in delays in processing.

The tenure of award is for two/three years depending upon tenure of the Postgraduate course.


1. Where to send?
Completed application forms along with the supporting documents shall be sent via post to :

Janagaran V.
#10/2, Lal Mohammed 3rd Cross Street,
Chepauk, Chennai – 600 005

or a scanned copy of the signed application form to info@unitytrust.in

2. When?

Applicants have to submit their applications by 12 Dec 2009

Final decisions will be emailed to applicants by 26/12/2009

Unity trust is registered in Chennai by a group of CEG alumni.Unity Trust’s Friends for higher education programme aims to promote higher education.

For further information, please visit www.unitytrust.in

If you have questions, please ask below

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  1. Uday says:

    what is the meaning of requested funding amount in the application form?
    please send via email.

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