NIMCET 2009 Solved Paper | NIMCET Previous Year Solved Papers | NIMCET Papers

NIMCET 2009 Solved Paper | NIMCET Previous Year Solved Papers | NIMCET Papers

1.Sum of all 3 digit numbers (no digit being zero), such that all digits are perfect squares. We have 3 single digits which are perfect squares they are 1, 4 and 9. Now, we will have 27 numbers in all. Let us find the number of times the digit 9 comes in the unit’s place. Fixing 9 in the units place, the remaining two places can be filled in 3.3 or 9 ways, Similarly the digits 4 and 1 comes 9 times each in the units place. Again the digits 1, 4 and 9 each comes 9 times in the tens place and 9 times in the hundreds place. Therefore the sum of all the three digit numbers = Sum of the digits in the hundreds place × 100 + sum of the digits in the tens place × 10 + sum of the digits in the units place.
= 9(1 + 4 + 9) (100 + 10 + 1) = 9(14)(111)

2.Arranging of statements P, Q, R and S in a logical sequence to make a sensible paragraph. Bank rate cut takes place after RBI decides to do it. This means S follows Q. R explains why RBI is doing this, hence, R follows QS. QSR present in (C). The correct answer is (C)
QSRP. The logic of this, incidentally, can be explained in a simpler manner. The statement P talks about ‘the logic’ being ‘two-fold’. There is no explanation of this ‘two-fold’ logic in any statement. This means that statement P can come only at the end. The only option with P at the end is(C). Hence, the correct answer.
Choice (C)
= 13986.

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