MSBTE 2nd Semester Sample Papers

Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
Course: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Groups & Plastic Engg.
Semester: Second
Subject: Engineering Mechanics Subject Code: 9011
Duration: 3 Hours Marks: 80
Instructions: 1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Figures to the right indicates full marks.
3. Use of non-programmable calculator is permissible.
Q 1: Attempt any Eight of the following: (8 x 2 = 16)
a) Define rigid body.
b) Define moment of a force.
c) Define non concurrent non parallel force system.(with sketches)
d) State Lami’s theorem.
e) Enlist types of beam supports with diagram.
f) Define coefficient of friction.
g) Draw F.B.D. of ladder having weight W.
h) Calculate centroid of right angle triangle having height ‘h’ and base’ b’.
i) Define maximum M.A.
j) Distance traveled by load is 80 cm and distance traveled is 45 cm . Calculate V.R.
Q 2 : Attempt any THREE of the following : (3 x 4=12)
a) A force of 100 N is acting at a point. Resolve this force along 300 & 400.
b) Calculate the moment about point A for the force system as shown in fig No. 1
c) Calculate resultant direction and its position from the first force on left hand side for the given force system as shown in fig No. 2.
a) Calculate the resultant, its direction and location of the concurrent force system given in fig. No.3
Q 3 : Attempt any THREE of the following : (3 x 4=12)
a) A weight of 5 kN is hung by a wire of 2m length. It is pulled by a horizontal force of 1 kN. Find the angle made by wire with vertical & tension in it.
b) A sphere of weight 500 N and diameter of 400 mm is resting on ground. It is to be pulled over the step by applying force P as shown in fig.No.4 Calculate force P & reaction offered by the step.
c) Calculate support reactions of a loaded beam as shown in fig.No.5 by analytical method.
d) Calculate support reactions of a given beam as shown in fig.No.5 by graphical method.
Q 4 : Attempt any FOUR of the following: (4 x 4=16)
a) A lifting machine is having V.R. = 40. Calculate the efficiency of the machine when an effort of 200 N is required to lift a load of 700 N.
b) In a simple machine an effort of 10 N is required to lift a load of 400 N through a distance of 50mm, while effort moves through a distance of 2.5m. Is the machine reversible?
d) A screw jack lifts a load of 800 N with the effort of 70 N .Its lever arm has a length of 650 mm and pitch is 12.5 mm. Calculate V.R. and effort lost in friction.
e) In a single threaded worm and worm wheel diameter of effort wheel is 45 cm and diameter of load drum 30 cm and No. of teeth on spur is 60.On this machine a load of 600 N is lifted with the effort of 20 N. Calculate effort lost in friction.
f) A geared pulley block no. of cogs on effort wheel is 24, that of on the load wheel is 6. No. of teeth on the pinion is 4 & that of on the spur is 36. If the maximum effort, which can be applied, is 60 N, calculate the maximum load that can be lifted, if efficiency of machine is 80 %.
g) Using graphical method, determine resultant, direction and its location of a given force system as shown in fig. No.6.
Q 5 : Attempt any THREEof the following: (3 x 4=12)
a) A body of weight 500 N resting on rough horizontal plane is just pulled by a force of 120 N acting horizontally. Calculate coefficient of friction and angle of friction.
b) A block of weight 200 N is resting on rough horizontal surface having coefficient of friction as 0.22. It is just moved by a force P inclined at 250 to the horizontal. Calculate magnitude of force P.
c) A block of weight 350 N resting on rough inclined plane is to be pulled up the plane by applying force parallel to the plane if coefficient of friction is 0.27. Calculate the magnitude of the force.
d) A block of weight 400 N resting on 300 inclined plane is supported by a force of 100 N applied parallel and up the plane. If coefficient of friction is 0.30, state whether the block moves down the plane or not.
Q 6 : Attempt any THREE of the following : (3 x 4=12)
a) A T- section has top flange 250 mm x 20 mm and web 20 mm x 250 mm. Overall height is 270 mm . Calculate centroid of the section and show it on figure.
b) The section of a dam is trapezoidal with one side vertical .The width at top is 2 m , width at the bottom is 5 m , height is 15 m. Find the position of centroid of the section. W.r.t vertical side.
c) Locate the centroid for the channel section shown in fig .No. 7.

d) A solid cone of base diameter 200 mm and height 200 mm is resting coaxially on cylinder of diameter 150 mm and 200 m height. Calculate c. g. of composite section.

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