MSBTE 3rd Sem Building Construction and Systems-II Sample Question Papers

Course Name : Diploma in Architectural Assistantship
Course Code : AA
Semester : Third
Subject Title : Building Construction System – II
Marks : 50 Time : 2 Hrs.

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Assume suitable data if necessary.
5. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order.
Q.1 A) Attempt any FIVE of the following. 10 Marks
a) Name any two additives & their advantages.
b) Give any four types of foundations.
c) Give any two reasons for site investigation.
d) Name any four sources of dampness.
e) Write any four effects of dampness on building.
f) State any four types of adhesives.
g) State any two functions of lamp hole.
h) List any two advantages of good joints of pipe.
i) Define the term storm water and give the required size of storm of water pipe used in home drainage.
j) State the min. distance required between two manholes.
k) Draw any two commonly used shapes of sewers.
Q.1 B) Attempt any TWO of the following. 08 Marks
a) Write the properties & application of following.
i) Melamine Resins ii) Phenolic Resins
b) Write desuttering periods for the following with reasons.
i) Columns ii) Beams 12487
iii) Slab iv) R.C.C. Fins
c) What is fly ash? State its characteristics.
Q.2 Attempt any FOUR of the following. 16 Marks
a) State two conditions where retardants are used.
b) Describe procedure of site investigation by trial pit method.
c) State any four tools used for R.C.C. construction with their purpose.
d) Name any four materials used for damp-proofing with their application.
e) What is combined footing? Draw neat labeled sketch.
f) Draw plan three dimensional sketch for providing wooden shuttering rectangular R.C.C. column.
Q.3 Attempt any FOUR of the following. 16 Marks
a) Suggest the appropriate additive for construction of river bridges with reasons.
b) Which type of foundation is recommended in following condition & any.
i) Loose black cotton soil. Ii) Marshy land.
c) Draw neat & labeled sketch of reinforcement details of simply supported beam.
d) Draw neat & labeled section of lamp proofing for basement. Give enlarged view of details.
e) State precautions to be taken while laying reinforcement & casting of R.C.C beams.
f) Draw neat & labeled sketch of water proofing treatment at terrace level

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