MSBTE Civil Engineering 1st Semester English Model Paper

Instructions : (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(3) Mobile Phone, Pager and any other Electronic Communication
Devices are not permissible in Examination Hall. MARK
1. A) Answer any eight of the followings : 16 Marks
1) What was mother’s plan to call the police ?
2) What resolution did Shaw carry out ?
3) What was Kalpana Chawla’s atinity towards ?
4) What does A.G. Gardiner abominate ‘?
5) What kind of machinery did Gandhiji welcome ‘?
6) Which areas did Kiran Bedi prefer to work in ‘?
7) What do the following stand for 2Marks
i) ICT ii) GDP
8) What special training is followed for astronaut selection ?
9) Why did the Joe and other cops stare at the author for a long time ?
10) What should the labourer assured of ‘
B) Answer any three of the followings in 5-6 sentences each : 12Marks
} 1) What does the expression ” a woman’s job” refer to ?
2) How are the astronauts prepared for water survival ‘?
3) Describe the incident of St. James Hall.
4) How did Kiran Bedi deal with her criminals in her ‘open-do0r’ policy ?
2. A) Answer any one of the following in 150 words : 8 Marks
1) State the qualities of a magnetic leader.
2) Explain the impact of fossil fuels on the environment.
3) How did Bernard Shaw become a public speaker ?
B) Give the meaning of any four of the following words : 4 Marks
accustom, invasion, hoarse, encroach, ignited, comprise.

3. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below. 10 Marks
Stephen and Joseph Montgolfier were papermakers, but they had been interested in flying for many years. Once night, in 1782, Joseph noticed something that gave him an idea. He was sitting in front of fire when he saw some small pieces of scorched paper being carried up the chimney.

Soon afterwards the brothers made an experiment. They lit a fire under a small silk bag which was opened at the bottom. At once the bag rose to the ceiling. After this, Stephen and Joseph made many more experiments, both indoors and in the open air. Then they built a huge balloon of linen and paper. On June 5th, 1783 they sent this balloon up in the village of Annonay where they lived. The first ascent in England was made on September 15th, 1784 by Vincent Lunardi, an Italian who was living in England. Lunardi took off in a hydrogen balloon from a field in London, taking with him a pigeon, a eat and a dog. He had to come down to leave the cat, which was suffering from the cold, but afterwards flew on to Standon, in Hertfordshire.
1) What is the passage about ? 1Marks
2) When and what did Joseph notice ? 2Marks
3) What was the first ascent ? 1Marks
4) What were die Montgolfiers interested in ? 1Marks
5) What animals did Lunardi take with him in a balloon ? 1Marks
6) What experiment did the two brothers make soon afterwards ? 2Marks
7) Give the meanings of following words : 1Marks
scorched, ascent
8) He was sitting in front of the fire . I Marks
(Frame ‘Wh question’ to get answer underlined)
4. A) Do as directed (any ten) : 10 Marks
1) The man is too lazy to be perfect. (Remove ‘too’)
2) A purse has been stolen at night. (Change the voice)
3) He (tell) me that he (see) me the day before yesterday. (Write correct form of ‘verbs’ given into brackets.
4) You will pass. You have worked hard. (Join sentences by using proper conjunction)
5) Dr. Goel is very sharp and intellectual man. (Insert suitable ‘articles’ in the blanks)
6) Kashmir mail arrives in the time. (Make interrogative)
7) You are very much fond of pictures. (Make exclamatory)
8) Bad health is a worse enemy than poverty. (Change the degree)
9) Hydrogen is the lightest of all gases. (Make negative) I
10) How dangerous thing the little knowledge is ! (Make it assertive sentence)
11) If you consult the dictionary, you will know the exact meaning of words.
(Use ‘unless’)
12) Many students are participating in this programme. (Add question tag
B) Insert appropriate prepositions 6 Mars
( in, for, off, below, by, beside, from, of)
1) I congratulate you __ your success. ’
2) He was struck _ a stone. n
3) She died _ cholera.
4) The book fell the table.
5) He is _ my rank.
6) My niece lives __ Germany.
C) Change the followings into Indirect speech (any, two). 4 Marks
1) The teacher said to the students “Don’t waste your time in idle pursuits”.
2) He said to me, “Will you not feel anything for an old man ?
3) “Slow and stedy wins the race”, said the tortoise.
5. A) Develope in a well organised paragraph in 75 words (any one) : 6 Marks
l) A rolling stone gathers no moss.
2) Role of advertisement in business.
3) Importance of balance diet for health.
B) Classify the following words under the given heads (any four) : 4 Marks
(Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb)
salvation, ghastly, luxurious, facilitate, distaste, infest.
C) Correct the errors in the following sentences : 4Marks
1) Mohini sing and danced well.
2) She is neither intelligent or polite.
3) What a fine day is it !
4) His book is lying over the table

6. A) Give the Antonyms of the following words : 2 Marks
greedy, condemn.
B) Give the synonyms for the following words : 2 learned, deface.
C) Fill in the blanks with appropriate homophones : 4 Marks
1) No one can_____my opinion. (alter/altar)
2) The thief hide himself in the_____ (cell/sell)
3) Education plays an important in man’s life._____ (roll/role)
4) Life is an incurable _______(decease/disease)
D) Read the given text and using the contextual clues, supply the missing words
from the list provided : 4 Markls
· (safe, gang, kept, hard, lock, careful, prowl, catch) Our neighbours told us to be ___very at night, to all doors
and windows, because___ a of burglars had been on the for sometime. The police had not been able to them though they had tried ever so__so we prepared an iron built into the wall and__ the family jewels and money in this.
E) Punctuate and rewrite the following sentences 4 Marks
1) you silly chap youre not doing your job well.
2) kind Yaksha he said restore to me my brother Nakula.
3) it is all right assured the doctor please dont mind. ·
4) o mother cried logician in pain are you listening me.

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