MSBTE Civil Engineering 4th Semester Sample Question Paper I | MSBTE 4th Semester Sample Question Papers

MSBTE Civil Engineering Group 4th Semester Sample Question Paper – I

Course Name : Civil Engineering Group.
Course Code : CC/CS/CR/CV
Semester : Fourth
Subject : Advance surveying
Marks : 80

1. All questions are compulsory.
2. Illustrate your answers with heat sketches whenever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. Assume suitable data it necessary.
5. Preferably write the answers in sequential order.
Q 1A: Attempt any Four of the following: 08 Marks
a) Enlist the four instruments used in plane table surveying.
b) What are the value of fi & f + c are generally required for a Tachometer.
c) State the four advantages of total station over level & Transit theodlite.
d) What are the nature of Aerial Photographs.
e) Define remote sensing.
Q 1B: Attempt any Two of the following: 08 Marks
a) When the plane table can be said to be correctly oriented, explain it by sketch.
b) Name the process of turning the telescope of a theodolite in
i) Horizontal Plane ii) Vertical plane iii) The reading taken by the observer when the vertical circle of the instrument is on the left of the observer and right of the observer.
c) State the situation of offsets from long chord and Rankine’s method of deflection angle is suitable in curve setting . Describe any one method.
Q 2: Attempt any THREE of the following: 12 Marks
a) What are the four advantages of plane table survey over chain & compass survey.
b) Explain the procedure for measuring of vertical angle by using electronic theodolite.
c) State and explain the principle of tachometry with neat sketch.
d) Show the following reading on windows of micro optic theodolite in measurement of horizontal & vertical angle.
1) Horizontal angle = 110o 45’18”
2) Vertical angle = 70o 21’6”
Q 3: Attempt any THREE of the following: 12 Marks
a) Explain the procedure of measurement of Deflection angle for open traverse. With neat sketch.
b) Describe the methods of prolonging a straight line with the help of transit theodolite, draw sketch for it.
c) Draw a neat sketch of a circular curve and show the following elements there
on. i) Rear tangent ii) Forward tangent ii) length of curve iv) Angle of deflection v) Length of long chard vi) Apex distance.
d) Explain the pressure of measurement of horizontal angle by method of repetition with a theodolite.
Q 4: Attempt any Two of the following : 16 Marks
a) Calculate the corrected consecutive co-ordinate and independent co-ordinates for following observation of traverse.

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