MSBTE Electronics Engineering Group 3rd Semester Sample Test Paper | MSBTE III Sem Electronics Engineering Group Papers

Sample Test Paper – I

Course Name :- Electronics Engineering Group
Semester :- Third
Subject :- Basic Electronics
Duration :- 1 hours Marks: 20
A. All questions are compulsory
B. Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary
C. Figures to the right indicate full marks
D. Assume suitable data if necessary
E. Preferably, write the answers in sequential order
Q. No. 1 Attempt Any TWO of the following Marks 4
a. Draw energy level diagram for semiconductor, indicating appropriate magnitude of energy gap.
b. Draw symbols for 1) PNP Transistor 2) Zener Diode
c. Define Ripple Factor of Filter.
Q. No. 2 Attempt Any TWO of the following Marks 8
a. Describe how barrier voltage is developed in PN junction with suitable diagram?
b. Describe Avalanche and Zener breakdown phenomenon in Zener diode.
c. Draw a neat sketch of half wave Rectifier with Capacitor filter. Describe the role of capacitor in it.
Q. No. 3 Attempt Any TWO of the following Marks 8
a. Draw symbol of Laser Diode. Describe its working Principle and list two applications of the same.
b. Compare LC and Filters with respect to i) Ripple Factor ii) PIV iii) DC output Voltage iv) Circuit Diagram.
c. Explain Transistor action for BJT.

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