MSBTE Electronics Engineering Group Sample Test Paper – I- 20 Marks

MSBTE Electronics Engineering Group Sample Test Paper – I- 20 Marks

Course Name :- Electronics Engineering Group
Course code :- EJ/EN/EX/IS/MU/IE/IC/DE/ EV/ED/EI
Semester :- Third
Subject :- Principles of Digital Techniques
Duration :- 1 hours Marks: 20
1] All questions are compulsory.
2] Figures to the right indicates full marks.
3] Use of non-programmable calculator is permissible.
Q.1: Attempt any Two Marks: 4
a) Perform subtraction for group of binary numbers
i) 1000 – 1001 ii) 1100 – 11
b) Define any two laws of Boolean algebra.
c) What is maxterm & minterm with respect to SOP & POS expression?
Q.2 : Attempt any Two Marks: 8
a) Subtract the given BCD numbers using 10’s complement.
i) 98 – 23 ii) 18 – 5.
b) Simplify given expressions using Boolean laws.
i) Y = (A +c) (A + D) (B +C) (B +D)
ii) Y= (B +BC) (B +BC) (B +D)
c) With sketch realize the expression Y= AB+CD using
i) NAND gates only ii) NOR gates only.
Q.3 : Attempt any two . Marks: 8
a) Identify the given expression as SOP & POS and convert it into the other form
i) AB+AC+BC ii) (A+B) (B+C) (A+C).
b) Minimize the logic function using K-Maps
i) F (A,B,C,D) = Sm (0,1,2,45,7,8,10,11,14)
c) Realize all basic gates using NAND gates only.

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