MSBTE Sample Question Paper 2nd Sem Communication Skills

Course : All Branches of Engineering & Technology
Semester : Second
Subject : Communication Skills
Duration : 3 Hours Marks: 100
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Illustrate your answers with neat sketches wherever necessary.
3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1 Answer any ten of the following questions in 4 to 5 sentences each. 20 Marks
a) Explain the importance of communication in an organization with an example.
b) Why is feedback necessary?
c) Selecting an application channel is a judicious decision? Explain.
d) What is the role of ‘Encoding’ and ‘Decoding’ in a Communication Process?
e) Name any two situations in which two – way communication occurs?
f) How can a language act as a barrier to communication?
g) What is the importance of artifacts in communication?
h) Which are the possible situations, where the students can decode the message outside the classroom?
i) ‘Informal Communication creates good relations between a boss and an employee’.
Explain giving one example.
j) What is the importance of graphs, charts, tables in communication?
k) “Vertical Communication” is a two – way communication. Comment.
l) What are the features of Communication?
Q.2 Answer any four of the following in 10 to 12 sentences each. 16 Marks
a) How does the sender’s dress and appearance make impacts upon his / her communication?
b) Explain any five remedies which are adapted to overcome the barriers to effective communication?
c) “Classroom communication is a two way communication incorporating verbal as well
as non verbal communication.” Explain.
d) Distinguish between oral and written communication.
e) Explain five principles of communication?
Q.3 Attempt any two of the following: 16 Marks
a) Your industry has not been able to meet the production target for the month because of excessive casual leaves of the workers. As a Manager, draft a memorandum in a proper format, warning the workers that if this trend continues their bonus will be reduced.
b) Write a circular (as per the specific format letter) for the company workers, directing them to maintain discipline, cleanliness and cordial social atmosphere among them for the betterment of the company.
c) As the Head of the Mechanical Department, devise a memorandum in an appropriate format, for the third year students on the following points:
Subject: Poor attendance in practicals
Purpose: Warning of stern action
Q.4 (A) Write an application for the post of Assistant Engineer to Raheja Builders, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru 08 Marks
Q.4 (B) Attempt any one of the following: 08 Marks
a) Write a report on the progress of your class assignment to be submitted to the subject
teacher. You may use the following points:
Topic of assignment – purpose – a brief plan information resources used – whether notes were made – difficulties encountered – how you solved them – time taken – final outcome estimated time and resources required for completion – support needed from subject teacher.
b) Write a Report on any accident in a factory. Suggest preventive measures
Q.5 Attempt any four of the following: 16 Marks
a) Describe in about 35 – 40 words: Computer or Television.
b) Explain the following with one example each:
a) Kinesics
b) Haptics
c) State the non – verbal codes used:
i. Nodding of head
ii. Tapping your feet
iii. Raising index finger
iv. Hand shake
d) State the importance of facial expressions in effective communication.
e) Draft a resume (as per the format) to be sent as an enclosure for the post of trainee engineer.
Q.6 a) Attempt any one of the following 08 Marks
Write a letter of complaint from Mr. M. P. Bannerji to M/s Das & co. about certain
defects in the goods supplied by them.
Place an order to M/S Balaji Electricals asking them to supply Electrical Appliances very urgently.
Q.6 b) Attempt any one of the following 08 Marks
a) Below mentioned are the incidences of fire and their causes that took place in Mumbai.
Devise a bar Graph for the years 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Causes 2001 2002 2 003

a. Short Circuit 84 61 52

b. Smoking 50 61 52

c. Debris 22 31 18

d. Unknown 05 09 06

Total 161 162 128


b) Five senses of perfection- seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are studied in Psychology. Each one of these senses of perception has the information absorbing capacity which is given below:
Seeing-75% Touching-6% Hearing-13%
Smelling – 3% Tasting-3%
Prepare a pie – chart indicating the above quantities in given percentages.

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