MSBTE Sample Question Paper Applied Science 2nd Semester

Course: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Group
Semester :- second
Subject : Applied Science Subject Code : 9008
(Electrical and Electronics)
Marks :- 40 Time:- 2 hours
Note: Marks obtained out of 40 should be converted to out of 20 Marks.
Instructions: – 1) All questions are Compulsory.
2) Draw diagrams wherever necessary
Q.1) Answer any four (4×2=08)
1) State basic principle of fibre optics.
2) Define acceptance angle, numerical aperture.
3) Define valence band, forbidden gap.
4) State two properties of superconductors.
5) A fibre has a core diameter of 6 mm and its core refractive index is
1.45. The refractive
index of cladding is 1.448. Determine numerical aperture.
6) Draw energy band diagram for conductor.
Q.2) Answer any three (3x 4=12)
1) Explain MCVD method of fabrication of optical fibres.
2) Explain the use of optical fibres for communication. 9008
3) Differentiate between N & P type semiconductors? Draw the necessary diagrams.
4) State the phenomenon of superconductivity. Draw the graph of resistance of mercury against temperature.
5) What is conductivity of semiconductor materials?
Calculate the conductivity of pure silicon at room temperature when the concentration of carriers is 1.6 x 1010 per cm3.
Given: – m e = 1500 cm2 / Volt –s m h = 500 cm2 / Volt – s. at room temperature.
Section – II
Q. 1. Attempt any TWO of the following. 04 Marks
a. Define specific conductance. Mention its unit.
b. Define oxidation and reduction potential.
c. Why do electrochemical cells stop working after some time ?
Q. 2. Attempt any TWO of the following. 08 Marks
a. What is alkaline battery ? Describe the construction and working of Nicd battery.
b. How are batteries classified ? Write their specifications.
c. List the factors affecting degree of ionization ? Explain any one of them.
Q. 3. Attempt any TWO of the following. 08 Marks
a. 1. How would you test two solutions of PH 9.0, one a buffer solution, the other a solution of KOH ?
2. What chemicals would you use to make a buffer of PH (a) 5 and (b) 10 ?
b. Write a short note on solar cell.
c. Why the anode of galvanic cell is negative and cathode is positive ?
Write reactions occur at the electrodes.

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