MSBTE Sample Question Paper of 2nd Semester | MSBTE 2nd Semester Sample Papers


Name of Institute :
Course: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Groups & Plastic Engg.
Semester: Second
Subject: Engineering Mechanics Subject Code: 9011
Duration: 1 Hour Marks: 20

1] All questions are compulsory.
2] Figures to the right indicates full marks.
3] Use of non-programmable calculator is permissible.
Q 1: Attempt any TWO : (2 x 2 = 4)
a) What is the meaning of Vector quantity? Give two example.
b) State any two characteristics of the couple.
c) Define Equilibrant for coplanar concurrent force system.
Q 2 : Attempt any TWO : (4 x 2 = 8)
a) Two forces of magnitudes 30 N and 50 N are acting at a point making
an angle of 400 between them. Calculate the magnitude and the position
of resultant with respect to 30 N force.

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b) Calculate the moment at a point ‘A’ for the plate as shown in fig.-1.
c) Calculate the resultant for the force system as shown in the fig.-2.
Q 3 : Attempt any TWO : (4 x 2 = 8)
a) Calculate the reactions at supports A & B for the beam as shown in fig. 3.
b) Calculate the reactions at points A and B for the sphere weighing 1000 N as shown in fig.- 4.
c) Using graphical method obtain the resultant in magnitude, position and direction with respect to 100 N force for the parallel force system as shown in the fig.- 5.

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