NEST 2011 Question Paper Pattern

Question paper pattern: The question paper will have five sections. The first section, which is compulsory for all candidates, will include general questions. The next four sections will include questions on
(1) biology,
(2) chemistry,
(3) mathematics and
(4) physics. Candidates may opt to answer any three of the four sections. All sections carry equal marks. The questions will be aimed at testing the comprehension and analytic ability of the candidates. The questions will be objective type with four answers given for each question. There may be one or more correct answers for each question. Wrong answers will be awarded negative marks.

Syllabus for NEST:

The syllabus for NEST examination is basically same as CBSE syllabus of 12th standard. Detailed syllabi of biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics are given in Appendix II. There is no syllabus for the general section. This section tests the candidates’ familiarity with (and not a detailed understanding of) major historical milestones in astronomy, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. The questions based on mathematics up to 10th standard will be included in this section. Questions will be of objective type with questions having one or more correct answers and if all correct answers are not given, no marks will be allotted.

Click Here To NEST 2011 Syllabus and Papers

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    I want to question paper of maharashatra comman entrance of mca cet plz sir accept my request

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    i need answer key of nest 2911

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