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Question paper pattern: The question paper will consist of five sections totaling 200 marks: (1) General, (2) Biology, (3) Chemistry, (4) Mathematics, (5) Physics. The first (General) section is compulsory for all students and will carry 60 marks. Of the remaining four sections (2 – 5) the students will have to select any two, each of which will carry 70 marks. The questions will be aimed at testing the subject comprehension and analytic ability of the candidates. The questions will be of objective type with four options given for each question. Some questions may have more than one correct answer. For some questions in sections 2 to 5, incorrect answers will be awarded negative marks. The question paper will contain explicit instructions in this regard

General section: There is no defined syllabus for the ‘General’ section of NEST 2010. This section will broadly have three categories of questions. (a) Questions to test candidate’s general ability to comprehend qualitative and quantitative aspects of a given scientific passage. (b) Questions to test general mathematical skills including graph interpretation, statistics, and other parts of mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc) not including calculus. (c) Questions to test the candidate’s general familiarity with (and not a detailed understanding of) the major milestones in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.

The question paper will only be in English.

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  1. manik says:

    please show solution of previous years question papers of nest……….

    • sudip says:

      hi manik, i am also a candidate of the same exam. if you got any sample question paper of the exam please share the link with me.

  2. shantanu nandwana says:

    I want to know what kind of question will be asked in section-1 in NEST 2010

  3. rohit says:

    sir,questions of what standard are asked in the NEST exam. would there be an increase in the level of questions ,as,unlike nest2009 ,we need to select only two topics out of the given four.

  4. Saurabh says:

    Sir What type of prepration required for NEST exam.

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