DIET CET 2010 Counseling Notification

Counseling Notification

The qualified candidates of DIETCET-2010 are informed to attend the counseling for admission into Govt. DIETs / Private Elementary Teacher Training Colleges for the year 2010-2011as per the schedule given below at WESLEY GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, OPP: KEYS HIGH SCHOOL, NEAR SECUNDERABAD RAILWAY STATION, SECUNDERABAD.

The candidates should produce all the certificates in ORIGINAL along with a set of Xerox viz (1) DIETCET-2010 Rank card & Hall Ticket, (2) Pass Certificate / Memorandum of Marks of qualifying examination (3) Date of Birth Certificate (S.S.C) (4) Study certificates for preceding seven years ending with the year in which the candidate first appeared for the qualifying examination in respect of regular candidates having school study and local area certificate for specified seven years period in respect of those who have studied privately by virtue of residence for the part or specified period as the case may be issued by MRO concerned (5) Integrated Community Certificate in case of BC/SC/ST candidates (6) Latest Income certificate of parents of SC / ST / BC candidates claiming fee exemption if the income from all sources is less than Rs.1,00,000/- p.a (7) Residence certificate of Father/Mother for a period of 10 years in A.P, excluding the period of employment outside A.P from M.R.O, in case of Non-Local candidates and (8) Transfer Certificate.

FEE for 1st year:
Govt.DIETs.: 2,385/-
PRIVATE. D.Ed colleges:12,500/-

CAT: ALL means OC/SC/ST/BC-A/B/C/D/E, DEF=Defence

More number of candidates are called for counseling than the seats available. Hence, mere attending the counseling does not guarantee a seat. Candidates have to stay a day extra if necessary.

If you have questions, please ask below


  1. rajeswari palukuri says:

    hellow sir i want to know the details about second councelling dates.i got 16007 rank sc catogory.pls send dates.

  2. rajeswari palukuri says:

    hellow sir i want the details about second councelling dates,i got 16007 rank,sc catagory.pls send sir.

  3. shyam says:

    Dear Sir,

    Second Councelling date please confm, and send my mail ID

  4. shyam says:

    Dear sir,

    2nd Concelling Date please confm.

  5. manikandan714 says:

    i want the detail about counsiling date.please

  6. sandeep says:

    pleas inform 2nd counsilling dates

  7. souji says:

    hello sir i want the details about second counsillind dates, igot 10800 rank,bc-D catogira pleas send sir.

  8. K.PRAVEEN KUMAR says:


  9. A.RAJENDER says:


  10. naveen says:

    gud mrng pls when will started the 2nd phase counselling date urgent

  11. niranjan says:

    i want 2nd phase counseling dates, send me on mail please

  12. venkat says:

    send me 2nd phase councilling date

  13. narendra says:

    sir,give second counceling date

  14. sampath says:

    pls give me dietcet 2nd counsiling details

  15. rajesh says:

    when will start the 2nd counselling date

  16. Sushma says:

    please give me the information about 2nd phase

  17. Sukanya says:

    i want dietcet 2nd phase counsilling schedule

  18. radha says:

    2nd counciling yes or no please tell me sir we are waiting for 2nd counciling date

  19. M. Ravikumar says:

    pls inform TTC second face councilling scedulu

  20. mahi says:

    please send me 2nd phase counselling dates of DIET CET 2010. THANK YOU

  21. mahi says:

    please send DIET CET 2010 2nd phase counselling dates

  22. seshu says:

    pls tell me when will start the 2nd phase counselling date

  23. prabhakar says:

    sar second phase cousellingyepud sar

  24. prabhakar says:

    sar new college yeni sar

  25. sarat says:

    pls give me the date of second counselling

  26. kiran says:

    pls send me 2nd phase date. thnkq

  27. badri nath,b says:

    gud afternoon sir when will start the second phase counselling plz send me details to my id

  28. srinivas says:

    when will started thae 2nd counselling date

  29. raaja says:

    please 2nd phase counciling

  30. ravi says:

    pls tell me 2nd conseling dates

  31. bharath says:

    how can we know where we can get the seat for the rank 3000 for BC “A” girl

  32. sudhakar says:

    i have been waitng for the 2 phase dates
    pls tel us something abt dat

  33. varalakshmi says:

    sir pls tell me 2nd phase counslling dates

  34. harish says:

    pls tell me 2nd phase counciling shedule urgent

  35. nagu says:

    plese send dietcet2010 second phase councilingdate

  36. swathi says:

    Good evening. i got 21,000 rank in entrance exam and catogery OC. when 3rd phase counciling start send the details.

  37. madhureddy says:

    send me shedule of diet cet second phase counselling

  38. Rojarani says:

    send me there is any chance is there DIET CET Phase III

  39. sriharibabu says:

    sir could you pls tell the date of t t c counseling 2011. pls send the date to my mail

  40. k.mavullu says:

    plese sent councling dates of dietcet 2011 examination

  41. ram says:

    pls i want counselling dates

  42. l.sanju says:

    sir i want this year counsiling dates 2011 for all ranks..

  43. sam says:

    bey councelling date pampu ra thy

  44. Venkatapathi says:

    Please send counsiling dates of 2011 DIET CET examination.
    I’m confusing about the counsiling dates.

  45. ashok says:

    could u please ttc consling date sir.

  46. sudharani says:

    respected sir,
    I got 12853 rank in diet cet 2011, BC-D categoty , i want to know councelling dates , will i got seat in diet collegs plz send info about 1st&2nd councelling`

  47. bgopalarao says:

    i got 9415 rank in diet cet 2011, Bc-d,i want know counceling dates plese sir…

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