1. p.vinay kumar reddy says:

    sir i already paid my tution fee in he college…….how much i can get if i apply…

  2. sravan says:

    is caste certificate necessary to apply EBC schlorship for OC candidates???????

  3. amirishetti rakesh says:

    sir I want ebc renewal scholarship application form please send it to me

  4. mani says:

    sir what are elisibilities for this scholarship. and whats the last date for appling.please tell me sir.

  5. SASIPAVAN says:


  6. anil kumar says:

    from what website i can get renewal form

  7. sharath says:

    sir,last date of ebc scholarship

  8. Maxx36 says:

    Where do the undergraduate students go after graduation? ,

  9. Miss76 says:

    Germany can reach so much, if it binds the others more in, says Heusgen and dreams even about an axle Merkel – Zapatero. ,

  10. tanu says:

    sir i am an oc student from other state wil i get this ebc certificate.

  11. gopireddy swathi says:

    sir how can i get a chance to change SCHOLARSHIP TYPE in the application form which has already submitted? actually by mistake I entered a wrong option in that…. please help me sir…. please…

  12. sindhu says:

    sir though i hav applied in first year i did not get the scholar ship.now iam second year.can i re apply now???it is very necessary for me sir.plz………

  13. sivakumar says:

    iam ebc student where the scholarship from the gov

  14. laxman .k says:

    sir im oc student my parents income is less than 1 lakh per annun can i apply for ebc during eamcet counselling.

  15. satya says:

    what is EBC?
    what is the use of it?
    where can i get it?

  16. ranjith says:

    could u plzz tell me when to apply for ebc 2011??????

  17. C.Praneetha says:


    i have applied for my ebc scholarship for the year 2009-2010 i am doing my B.tech form Progressive engineering colelge now i am in 3rd year. i hv applied in the 1st year i did not get again i hv applied in 2nd year still now i did not get. i wanted to know the status of that pl let me know sir

  18. saisurender says:

    WHR should i apply for {BC} SCHOLAR ship………….??

  19. saisurender says:

    my name is k.sai surender.I am the student of sri chaitanya I HAV SELECTED THE GROUP-‘MEC+CPT’.I am interIst year student

  20. anu says:

    sir,i want to apply scholarship. i am oc .please send oc certificate to me

  21. chandu says:

    What is the last date of applying E.B.C scholarships for 2010-11?

  22. surinder singh says:

    i m related 2 sikh ( ramgaria ) should i get scholarship please tell

  23. SHAIKSHA says:

    sir now i am joining in 1st b.tech in cse.i got 139001 rank in eamcet i joined in college for convenor quota fees they said that this is counciling seat.but i didn’t attend for any counciling.they give me a after paying 31200 Rs.they give a fees recept.this is menagement seat or convenor quota seat.can i able to get feesreambusment or ebc scholorship.if yes then tell me the procedure plzzzzz.i dont have father.my mothers anual income is 48000 as per the ration card.tell me some names of scholorships eligible for me.i am a muslim candidate.(syed) forward o.c .plzzz sir i hope u will help me plzz reply me with mail and reply in this site .am waiting for ur mail.

  24. sameer says:

    sir im a fresher for this scholarship i want to apply this year can u plz tell me how to apply

  25. Praveen says:

    could u please tell me the official website

  26. teja says:

    sir, i dont know my eamcet rank n HT Num, thats why i did’t applied for the scholarship…since last date is 31st oct means today… what is the solution for my problem…pls reply

  27. manikanta says:

    sir plz tell me last date for apply ebc

  28. sainath chary says:

    sir,am studying inter-1st yr.please i want the scholar last data and i want to know how to apply .sir please help me

  29. vinayak says:

    i am vinayak vasant bhosale. Studing in DSE Diploma of Automobile Enggineering
    sir what is last date of ebc
    college is not acepting ma EBC?
    so what i do sir plz sir.
    reply as early as possible
    thank you sir.

  30. madhu says:

    what is the last day for submission ebc fresh scholorship, and tel me which web site for submission ebc scholorship

  31. sowmya says:

    hello sir,
    am OC i have income certificate but in epass they are asking for caste certificate even for OC.so my doubt is which certificate i need to upload i.e EBC or caste certificate which is same for all castes plz reply me fast

  32. sunitha says:

    hi sir im OC and kapu caste i brought caste certificate from our community but they are asking ebc certificate how did i get

  33. priyanka says:

    sir,am studying b.tech 3rd yr in progessive engineering college.i joined in clg for convinor quota.type of scolorship is ebc.annual income<1 lakh.i applied in 2nd yr for fee reimbursment,but i didn't get it.again i want to as fresher.plzzzzzzz tell me what is the last date for ebc freshers.i wish to apply for 3rd yr.plz mail me .

  34. priyanka says:

    if last date is over for ebc scolorships way 2 freshers. then how should i apply as fresher.

  35. raviteja says:

    sir,can u give me the details of scholorship apllication for btech eee

  36. zahid khan says:

    sir hw can i download ebc scholarship form please help me out

  37. teju says:

    my annual income is just 1,05000.eventhough it is above 1lack but i am a poor person.so plz tell me the information about if any scholarships are available for me.plz give the information to my mail.

  38. arvitha says:

    sir Iam k.arvitha.OC category.My parent’s income is less than 1 lakh.can i apply for fee reimbursement for eamcet counselling?and what all certificates i need to submit for that?

  39. B.G.MOHAN says:

    sir i am joing tha gitam 1st year my famili incom is below 1 lak iam ealigibul from ebc reimbursement

  40. meghana says:

    i am meghana reddy caste oc my family is poor so up to
    tenth i studied regularly after that intermediate i have written privately now iam joined regularly in degree so to study of degree i got schlor ship my parents economically v.poor all r saying apply for ebc what is ebc how to apply pls send me details as possible

  41. kunal says:

    sir may i know the eligibility criteria for ebc scholarship form ,required documents, and all the information about ebc form

  42. bhavana says:

    hello sir,
    can i knw what ebc means??who are applicable for ebc??

  43. bhavana says:

    sir i belong to oc and my parents income is below 1 lack.am i eligible for EBC??

  44. durga says:

    what is the last date for submission fresh ebc scholarship and plzzzzz tell me which website for submit ebc scholarship.

  45. Yashwanth says:

    sir i cannot apply my Fresh EBC scholarship.
    when i enterd my hallticket number of SSC the website is saying SSC details not found.
    what can i do sir please help me…

  46. Chaitanya says:

    Sir after filling details where we hv to submit the forms

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