HNB Garhwal University National seminar on Science and Technology Applications in Tourism Sector

National Conference On Science and Technology Applications in Tourism Sector focusing on Uttarakhand Opportunities (Sept. 2728, 2010) Organised by Centre for Mountain Tourism and Hospitality Studies (CMTHS)
HNB Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal246174

Uttarakhand In Scientific/Technical Collaboration with Uttarakhand Science Education and Research Centre (USERC) Deptt. of Science and Technology Govt. of Uttarakhand Dehradun
Venue: Forest Research Institute (FRI), Dehradun

National seminar on Science and Technology Applications in Tourism Sector focusing on Uttarakhand Opportunities September 27-28, 2010
Seminar Organizer
Centre for Mountain Tourism and Hospitality Studies (CMTHS) HNB Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal- 246174 Uttarakhand Telefax No. 91-01370-267100 (O) weblink:

Adapting to a rapidly changing tourism world is a challenge for everyone, but particularly for the people living in the Himalayan region where the changes and challenges are so intense and rapid that traditional adaptation mechanism is losing their efficacy. Himalayan resources of Uttarakhand provide bountiful opportunities for large swathe of tourists where the effects are multiplied on account of the involvement of various stakeholders.
It is expected that in the coming years tourism industry is going to experience plenty of changes with incredible pros and inevitable cons. Most tourist generating regions in Uttarakhand are experiencing mismanagement like situation. Huge investment in the infrastructure development, exceeding carrying capacity, climate change, population pressure, mushrooming growth of camping sites, hotel enterprises and accommodation units have put a lot of burden on the very sustainability of any region. Keeping in view the various probable consequences into consideration, the systematic application of science and technology has become significantly more relevant for the tourism industry to let it grow exponentially.

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The urgent need for taking tourism to a higher trajectory in Uttarakhand, annual growth rate can be met only with scientific application and technological advancement. These applications must aim at efficient use of tourism resource and conservation of soil, water, ecology on a sustainable basis, and in a holistic framework. Such a holistic framework must incorporate the use of scientific and technological methods, so as to give a strong base for tourism industry. Therefore, it is very important to make a good use of science and technology by the different array of stakeholders in the filed of tourism and hospitality management. Wider expansion to this result-oriented concept can be provided by the knowledge institutions, scientific bodies, researchers, students, private practitioners, policy-makers, scientists and NGOs etc.
Tourism industry is growing in many mountain regions and has become an important developmental issue. Although tourism may be attractive as a means of economic development, its various impact on fragile ecosystem and human ecology are a matter of serious concern. In retrospect, this seminar will provide a forum for knowledge institutions, scientific bodies, researchers, students, policy makers, NGOs, scientist, and other stakeholders working in the field of tourism and allied disciplines, hospitality and related areas with the scientific and technological aptitude in order to synchronize the balance and share new ideas, achievements and experiences. The recommendations of the seminar will go a long way in acquainting the participants with latest trends and developments in the field of tourism and hospitality.
Themes: Special focus areas
This science and technology seminar aimed specifically in relevance to present tourism and hospitality scenario will focus on the latest research trends, design methods and construction practices in the field tourism. Primary focus is laid on tapping opportunities in Uttarakhand State’s tourism industry through scientific and technological advance and inputs. The seminar will cover the following themes:
1. Scientific study and technological assessment of potential tourism products
2. Trends in science-oriented and technologically-led hospitality world and facility planning
3. Technological information and knowledge sharing systems and tools for community-oriented natural resource management

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4. Tourism Improvement Techniques like Alternate Energy Generation and Conservation, Waste Management Plans
5. Utility of advancement in scientific and technological inputs for food and beverage industry
6. Use and relevance of scientific and technological tools for sustainable tourism and hospitality industry
7. Application-oriented scientific and technical case studies from different tourism stakeholders and bodies
8. Application and utility of generating scientific information for housekeeping and front-office department.
9. Utility of scientific and technical deliverables for safety and security concern of hotel industry
10. Scientific orientation of Yog, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Panchakarma and Alternative Therapy
Academicians, knowledge institutions, research scholars, scientists, policy-makers, private players from tourism and hospitality industry, NGOs, environmentalists, ecologists, R & D personnels, geologists, hoteliers, students of tourism, environmental science, botany, forestry are invited to participate in the seminar.
Call for papers
Original unpublished papers on any of the aforesaid themes are invited. Extended abstract (500-1000 words) of the papers can be sent through email / by post to the seminar convener. Informations and guidelines for preparing full length paper are available on the website of the institute Selected papers will be considered for publication in the books.

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Abstract should not exceed two single-spaced pages and should be in Times New Roman 12pt. The abstract should include the title and 5 key words indicating the content areas immediately following the title. The abstract should provide the reviewer with information on the research, the methods; key (expected) findings and implications. The authors’ names, affiliation and e-mail address of corresponding author should be on a separate additional page.
Important dates
Last date for submission of abstracts: 5th September, 2010
Intimation of Acceptance of abstracts: 10 September, 2010
Last date of submission of full papers along with registration fee: 105 September, 2010
Registration Fee
Participants from Academic Institutes/Research Bodies: Rs. 500/-
Participants from Industry: Rs. 1000/-
Participants from government organization/scientific bodies: Rs. 700/-
Accommodation and travelling expenditure shall be borne by the participants/sponsoring agency. Limited accommodation can be arranged at Dehradun on request, on first come first serve basis.
NGOs professionals, professionals from travel tourism industry, hotel properties, research organizations, suppliers of travel materials are invited to display their products and profiles during the seminar

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Interested organizations may contact
Prof. S.C. Bagri
(Seminar Convenor)
Dean School of Management
and Director
Centre for Mountain Tourism
and Hospitality Studies
HNB Garhwal University (A
Central University)
Srinagar Garhwal (Uttarakhand)
Phone: 01370-267100
Fax: 01370- 267100
Mobile: 09412079836

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Shri Sarvesh Uniyal
Tour & Training
Centre for Mountain
Tourism and
Hospitality Studies
HNB Garhwal
Mob no.

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Mr. Sanjay Singh
Mahar (Organizing
Lecturer- CMTHS, HNB
Garhwal University (A
Central University)
Srinagar Garhwal
Mobile: 09411359525

Prof. S.C. Bagri- Seminar Director and Convener
Dean – School of Management
Prof. S.K. Singh
HNB Garhwal University
Technical Advisory Committee
Dr. S.K. Gupta, Associate Professor, CMTHS
Co-convener- Seminar
Dr. R.K. Dhodi- Assistant Professor, CMTHS
Co-convener- Seminar
Mr. Sarvesh Uniyal- Tour and Training Organizer, CMTHS
Co-convener- Seminar
Organising Committee
Mr. Sanjay Singh Mahar- Organizing Secretary
Mrs. Rashmi Dhodi- Assistant Professor, CMTHS
Support Team
Mr. Avinash Chamoli (Lecturer-CMTHS)- Member
Mr. Yashpal Negi (Lecturer-CMTHS)- Member
Mr. Pushkar Negi (Lecturer- CMTHS)- Member
Mr. Satish Gusain- Member
Mr. Subodh Hatwal- Member
Mr. Srinivas Ghildiyal- Member
Mr. Suresh Babu A.- Member
Mr. Bhupendra Nayal- Member
Mr. Vijay P. Bhatt- Member
Mr. Anil Kohli- Member
About HNB Garhwal University (A Central University)
HNB Garhwal University is set up in the interiors of Garhwal Himalaya rather than in a large city, as it is the case with most of the Universities. The University is nestled in the lap of Himalayan ranges in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. It has a rare distinction of taking birth through a powerful popular movement during early seventies in lastcentury. Late Shri Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna played a vital role in its formation. This University was established in 1973, aims at imparting value-based education and developing scientific temper for the overall development of the region for the economic, social, educational, cultural and spiritual development of people. The University offers undergraduate and post graduate courses in humanities, commerce, basic science and assuring opportunities for the self employment for aspiring students. The University has started several independent professional/job oriented degree, diploma and certificate courses concomitant with graduation courses. In the last 31 years since its inception the University has evolved new dimensions of interface with the people of Garhwal and economic, social and cultural upliftment of the region. Srinagar town, the centre of HNB Garhwal University is situated on the left bank of river Alaknanda at an altitude of 579 m. It is also an important transit point on the yatra route for Badrinath, Kedarnath, Hemkund Sahib, Valley of Flowers, Auli and Khirsu hill station. The town is synonymous with key educational centres like NIT, Govt. medical college, Polytechnic apart from the centre of excellence, Garhwal University. Srinagar town is situated 105 km away from Rishikesh, 135km from Haridwar, 150 km from Dehradun and 300 kms from New Delhi.
Nearby excursions in the vicinity of the town are Dhari Devi, Devalgarh and Pauri town.
Centre for Mountain Tourism and Hospitality Studies (CMTHS), a premier institute, is one of the oldest institutions offering various tourism and hospitality courses since 1976 in India.

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In order to foster creative thinking, develop skills & personality, as well as instill a desire for life long learning among students, CMTHS is willing to disseminate quality education to the budding tourism and hospitality professionals with a formidable combination of theoretical and practical exposure. The students are said to be the proud products of any institutions which provides value-based education to them. In true sense CMTHS has diversified and has carved a more meaningful niche for itself in such a highly-volatile competitive world. Although a large number of students passed out every year in pursuit of a career in varied fields but shortage is generally felt in finding suitable hands by the v companies because of the dearth of the requisite qualities which must possessed by students.
Address for Correspondence
Prof. S.C. Bagri
Convenor- Seminar
Centre for Mountain Tourism and Hospitality Studies (CMTHS)
HNB Garhwal University (A Central University), Srinagar Garhwal
Phone: 01370-267100
Fax: 01370- 267100
Mobile: 09412079836
For more details about seminar 2010, please visit the
Institute website:

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1. I intend to participate in the conference
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Whether accommodation is required: Yes/ No Details of Remittance: Draft No …………… Date…….. …… ……… of Rs. ______________ is enclosed.

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