JNU Combined Biotechnology Entrance Examination (CBEE) Pattern and Syllabus

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Combined Biotechnology Entrance Examination (CBEE) Procedure and Pattern.

JNU CBEE 2011 Exam mainly contains 2 parts.
Part A & Part B.
No of Questions : 120
Part A : 60 Questions
Part B : 100 Questions ( only 60 Questions considered )
Method of Examination : Multiple choice
Time Duration : 3 Hours

Part A : In the Part A Paper basically all questions will be prepared for Intermediate syllabus. In Part A questions will be taken from physics, chemistry, maths, biology subjects.

Part A contains 60 questions.Each question carries 1 mark only.
Negative marks : 0.5 Marks will be considered for wrong answer.

Part B : In Part B question paper questions are taken from B.Sc syllabus.

Part B contains 100 Questions.Out of 100 questions it contains
Maths & Physics : 40 questions
Biology : 40 questions
Chemistry : 20 questions

Out of 100 Questions only 60 answers should be attempted.i.e.,if you are attempting more than 60 questions also only first 60 questions which you attempted will be considered.

In Part B Each question carries 3 marks.i.e., total 180 marks

Negative marks :1 mark for wrong answer.

Total marks : 240 marks ( Part A : 60 & Part B : 180 )

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  1. m.deepu says:

    iam b.sc-biotechnology final year,we are life science students,u mentioned that in part-B,MATHS is there is it compulsory to attemp the maths plzzzzzz reply me.and also suggestions from your side.

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