TCS iON – Software Engineering Industrial Practice Certification Exam – 2017

Tata Consultancy Services-(TCS)

Ignite is a special TCS initiative to hire and train fresh science graduates for mainstream IT roles. In the last 10 years, 7,500 science graduates have joined TCS through the Ignite program. Ignite hirees enjoy successful, global IT careers that are on par in the long term with those of engineers.

Key benefits of this certification :
1. TCS is India’s largest employer of fresh science talent
2. This micro-degree is an endorsement of your high potential for entry level jobs in the IT industry
3. Micro-degree holders will receive a direct invite to the interview stage of the forthcoming TCS Ignite recruitment

Exam Details
–> Date: December 23, 2017
–> Time: 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM ( 03:00 hrs exam )

Eligibility Details
Certification is open to any student who is either currently pursuing or has completed a three year degree in Science not earlier than 2016.

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TCS Open Ignite:
* The existing science college education system tends to emphasise rote learning with inadequate focus on problem solving and practical application. This leads to an employability gap leaving students frustrated with poor outcomes in their search for an IT career.
* Ignite, through its decade-long association with India’s science community, has acquired a deep understanding of the learning needs of science college students.
* To address the employability gap, TCS hosts Open Ignite (, a free learning portal exclusively for science college students (B.Sc and BCA). Open Ignite approaches math and computer science education from an employability perspective resulting in much better alignment between computer science education and industry expectations.

About the Software Engineering Industrial Practice micro-degree:
This micro-degree is a logical culmination of our employment focussed learning mission. For a nominal fee, students can appear for a proctored exam at a centre close to their home and aspire to get a certificate from TCS Ignite endorsing their employment-ready IT skills.
The syllabus for the assessment covers subjects students learn in college-basic math, C programming, algorithms and data structures, basic web development, database programming, software engineering, essential English language communication skills and business awareness. The three hour test will have a MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format.

Benefits of certification :
This certification is India’s first Industry endorsement of a science graduate’s readiness for entry level roles in the IT industry. Globally, such micro-degrees are becoming increasingly popular with employers. TCS Ignite will give certified candidates a direct entry to the next Ignite hiring drive. Besides this, one can logically expect the certificate to carry a lot of weight across the industry as an endorsement of the motivation and skill.
For candidates who already have offers from TCS and are waiting to join, the certification assessment will serve as a valuable diagnostic of their training needs.

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  1. Roshen Antony says:

    How to get sample question paper for this course

  2. sushmita says:

    sir,i didnot wrote microdegree exam ,as i wasnot aware ofwriting, andhadmy personal issue,asmybrother was admittedin hospital, shall i getanotherchance towrite exam…

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