NTSE Class VIII Syllabus | National Talent Search Examination Class VIII Syllabus | NTSE Class VIII Scheme

There is no prescribed syllabus for the NTS examination. However, the standard of items shall be conforming to the level of Classes VII and VIII. A seprate booklet called ‘Learn about the Test’ containing sample items for both the Tests — MAT and SAT is available in print as well as on the NCERT website www.ncert.nic.in

Scheme of Testing

The scheme of testing is given below:

Written Examination
The written examination shall consist of Part I MAT and Part II SAT. Both the tests will be administered separately with a short interval in between.
Mental Ability Test
There shall be 90 multiple-choice type items, with four alternatives. Each item will carry one mark. Candidates are required to answer the items on a separate answer sheet as per instructions given both in the test booklet and on the answer sheet.

Scholastic Aptitude Test

The Scholastic Aptitude Test will consist of 90 multiplechoice items of one mark each. Each item shall have four alternatives, out of which only one will be the correct answer. There shall be 35 items from Science, 35 from Social Sciences and 20 from Mathematics. Candidates are required to answer the items on a separate answer sheet to be provided at the examination centre as per instructions.
Important Note: The question booklets of both the tests (Mental Ability Test and Scholastic Aptitude Test) are official documents. The candidate will be required to return them along with the answer-sheets at the end of the examination. These booklets will not be given to anybody even after the examination is over and will be returned to the NCERT.

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  1. Harsh Gupta says:

    Is there any such examination held for VII standard?

  2. Aditi Chakrabortty.KRISHNA BHABINI NARI SIKSHA MANDIR(.hostel).P.O....CHANDANNAGOR.D.T../HOOGHLY.712136.(HOSTEl) says:

    Respected sir,please help me For SAT examination class VIII standard,(QUASTIONS&NAME OFTHE BOOKS).

  3. selvam says:

    please send as the ntse sample papers at this email id claritiselvam@gmail.com .

  4. shalini agarwal says:

    I wanted to know the syllabus for nts examination.Though there is no prescribed syllabus for it but still a small introduction for it and the level from which the questions will come.There is confusion that questions from VIII and IX,both are coming.I just wanted to clear my doubts.?

  5. shipra kapri says:

    kindly sent a NTSE sample paper for junior level on my E-mail ID

  6. JYOTIRMAYA says:

    Pls send me the dtae of NTSE exam & model paper also

  7. shubham ghule says:

    Please suggest the latest books for NTSE exam. related to class VIII.

  8. sarika says:

    pluse send me ntse syllbus , date&sample paper. kales89@ymail.com

  9. akshay says:

    i need scholarship form for 8th standard. i could not find it on ncert website…..plz help

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