Oracle management functions | Class 12

Oracle Management Functions

     Function of Management

  • Planning : Planning is deciding in advance what is to be done in future. Planning is a pervasive function, it is applied all over weather it’s the kitchen or classroom. It is the most important functions of management upon various other stands

Organising:  Organising is an activity through which how the organizational is achieved is designed.  Its a structured activity.

  • Directing is a function  by which we achieve the goals by the help of subordinates,to adhere to objective of the company or organisation.Supervision is process of art of seeing over and above  is called supervision.


Staffing is important function of management by which fresh new blood are hired in organizations, to make it more competent and committed. Recruitment is the process which comes in staffing functions.

  • Controlling is the function of management by which all the framework of management is governed, it is the tool by which all departments adhered to achieve organizational objective.

Reporting is a function by seniors and subordinates manage the organizations to help in achieving goals set by the company.


  • It is the process by which the funds are being set for organisations, in terms of money i.e by IPO, Mutual fund . It is the function by which financial soundness of the organisation is analysed.

Therefore it’s the functions of mangement which is the backbone of all objectives how is to be achieved,when is to be achieved in terms of organisational goals.



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