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The world of today is adapting new technologies to sustain in corporate world. Few modern companies remain untouched by the urgency of innovation. There are different forces in the world which are changing the world as we know it. Increase Customer Demand remains the focus of new working environment. New technology if adapted by the company are liable to sustain otherwise they perish. In this competitive world all things are on the table with a single touch so in order to retain growth you must change fast and adapt new things considerably. I will share my personal experience of working I joined Jindal  group and at the beginning all the invoicing and other works was done manually which takes more time and their might be the chances of leading to discrepancy.

After two years down the lane company adopted complete solution of ERP for every division. It was a user friendly software which punches the order online of different customers and when the order is booked then it is forwarded from marketing division to plant for dispatches. Time plays a vital role in this technology because if there is any change you can ring a phone and do change it within no time. Technology is the important way which play vital and considerable role in success of the company. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is a software.

Enterprise: An Enterprise is a business organization formed for completion of project within the specific time limits. It is a collective efforts of all people in the organization to make sustainable changes and improve quality of life. It is also formed for systematic purposeful activity. The organization goals must have to be kept in mind while forming the enterprise.

Resources: Resource is like man, material, money which form considerable resources for attainment of organizational goals. All these resources are important because if you not utilize it in a correct way the day will come that it will get exploited. Out of every resources man plays a vital role in completion of work or task at hand. It should be utilized in a fruitful way so the outcome must be favorable for attainment of profits.

Planning:   Planning is deciding in advance what is to be done in future. It is a collective effort of the organization which makes to attain profits. Planning is a pervasive function as it is applied all over from cricket pitch to the kitchen. For attainment of long term goals first define short term goals and achieve them. As you progress you will realize that final goal is attained. Goals are specific which are made on weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis.

So on the basis of above we can Define ERP as software which integrates to all the department of the organization which includes marketing, sales, product planning, manufacturing and development in a single database, application, and user interface. Therefore ERP is adapted all over in small and large scale enterprise which attains profit in the organization. It act as medium which helps to make work more simple and fast to execute.ERP has different modules which runs in an organization that are product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and Hr. These modules are interlinked with each other and play a vital role for success of the organization.


Advantages and Career option in ERP

There are various advantages for opting ERP in an organization. The advantages are like that you are able to move your organization in set goals and achieve it. This software sync with other departments easily and there will be no discrepancy left out in an organization. If any problem persists then the department where there is problem takes the charge and solve it with ease. The software is designed in such a way that it integrates with all departments. Time is saved with less human error. Marketing plays a vital role in any organization because if you are not able get orders then how would you be able to achieve it. Timeless and boundary less are the key word for the ERP using company. Marketing department take charge of order for the company, HR takes charge of the Employees; Manufacturing takes charge of the making of goods. Finance takes charge of capital involved in it, and inventory control takes the charge of the stocks available in the company.

Now moving to next model the career option available in Oracle ERP are more. You can become a Oracle  ERP functional or technical consultant according to your choice in any of the chosen departments which you like the most. You can enhance your skills by completing certification courses offered by Oracle Company in your area of expertise. The best part of IT Organization is that you get the opportunity to onsite for implementation or any upgrading work which is demand as per requirement of the company. You can also become an Oracle developer which serves in the backend process function of any organization. The salary paid is also good as compared to any other sector and there are weekly off too. These benefits in the sector makes it more interesting because it’s a sector which is continuously evolved and better version are there to upgrade the system.

In today’s changing environment where youngsters are often puzzled in which career to choose IT is an industry which is growing with good growth in India. And in maximum IT giants CEO are Indians. Which means there is lot of passion involved in it? You can also work as ERP programmer of different modules which will help in attaining success in corporate ladder. Success is never ending and failure is never final. So in order to attain success you must excel in the field of your choice and maintain the position for long time. This industry provides lots of scope to fresher’s who have just passed out college or being graduated. As ample of opportunities you can become System analyst, Business analyst or a financial analyst because these jobs pay you much more than any other job. Now the choice is yours to make good money or to have a long term career or both. So friends do take a call on that before joining any area of interest ask question like where, why, what, by whom I can attain success. It must not happen that you take on the career to different track but your area of interest is different. A word of caution to the youngster of today who are inclined to make easy money please don’t do that. Choose the career which pays you well, attains growth and recognizes your work.

Last but not the least choose a career path like first make short term goal achieve it, then attain growth in the organization to the fullest.


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