Challenges faced by ORACLE Developers | Class – 2

Challenges faced by an Oracle Developer

Oracle Developer is a computer savvy individual which has worked for company with at least one Oracle specific certification. The requirements for these professionals depend entirely on their role within a company, but earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science is a good first step. The job growth is terrible you work as database analysts, designers or administrators, computer programmers, network administrators, systems administrators, web administrators, or web developers. The developers are the spinal cord of any IT Organizations.

Duties of an Oracle developer

An Oracle Developer may be said to perform any number of task from developing and launching database management system for upgrading the storage capacity of the organization. Of course the job is very demanding but it will pay good result in the long run. To be updated with latest technologies and go for oracle certification is the only path to get success in this job. Most certifications are progressive, meaning one certification must be earned to qualify for a higher certification. A fee is usually associated with the certification. Some certifications require passing one or more exams. Students should verify Oracle’s requirements as they’re planning their career. As a developer moves up in to the higher level of management education is required. So MBA Programs which have specialization serve the purpose in addition to technology you choose.

Confidence and appropriate skills is the name of the game to understand business need and accordingly act is required. As an Oracle developer you must also understand the security need of the company which is one of the most crucial aspect, because if any loop holes are tied up then company may suffer heavy losses. Developer must also be able to communicate effectively with others in their company’s technology departments to keep a sync where is the company currently standing and where it wants to be in future.

Salary hike and growth output

Salary of a developer grows with the rate of 17% according to data stats between 2014 and 2024.The job Opportunities will increase with the rate of 8% which higher as compare to any other role in IT sector. Innovation is a part of this technology a normal developer may build such a programmed idea which highlights him in the company and will lead him to successful advancement in his/her career. Every job is demanding you will fail at times but this does not mean that you need to switch to another career, work on it practice and practice to excel in your field.

Lastly I would convey the message to youth of today who are so mind boggled that when they choose their career. The change it too often because they don’t get result. So the key lies that a person must be patient enough to get desired result. Patience, Trust, Commitment, Dedication and Passion towards work is only key to success in any career.

“Wish you a Successful Career with ample growth in future”

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