Common Question and Answers In Order Managment

Some of the common terminology used in Order Management with Question and Answer

Q1 What is Standard Item?

Ans A Standard item is a finished good that is not as assembled or a configured item, a item or a service component.

Q2   What is item master Organization?

Ans   An Item master Organization is a logical entity that you use to define items after you define an item in item master you can assign it to any number of other organizations. You should also define one item master organization per implementation. When you define an item Oracle automatically enables your Current Organization to Master Organization.

Q3 What is Inventory Organization?

Ans   Inventory Organization is the place where you store and transact the item. It can be manufacturing unit warehouse distribution center, item master organization (Logical Entity) etc

Q4 How Drop-ship Order is created?

Ans   Drop shipments are created as sales orders in order management, when the source type is entered as external. The Order is created when the item is directly shipped to the customer. Drop-ship is a method of

Q5   When will you create a drop ship order?

Ans   Drop-shipments are used due to following reasons:

  1. Customers requires an item that is not normally stocked
  2. Customers requires a large quantity of the item which is not available with you

Q6  What is bill of Lading?

Ans   The Bill of Lading prints all the sales orders that have been confirmed from selected delivery. This document lists ship date, Carrier, Bills Of Lading Number, Delivery Name, Shipper , Ship-to address, Carrier Name, Way-bill number, Quantity , and descriptions of unpacked items quantity and total number of item packed in Containers i.e. quantity of items, and weight volume information defined in shipping. Shipping notes you may have created are also printed.

Q7  What is Quick ship?

Ans   Quick Ship window enables you to process shipments quickly using the minimum shipping   requirements.

Q8   What is Ship Confirm?

Ans   Ship Confirming the item removes the existing reservations and perform sales order issue transactions.

Q9   What is Auto Ship in Order Management?

Ans   Feature enables where a customer can subscribe to have their Order shipped on automatic    monthly or internal delivery.

Q 10 What is Bills of Material ?

Ans   A Document that functions as master control in the process of assembling components for inclusions in a kit or finished products.

Q11 What is just in time delivery?

Ans   A Method of contracting the shipping of the products or parts and inventory .So that they are received only immediately needed thus keeping expenses warehouses to the minimum.

Q12   What is Logistics Management?

Ans   Negotiating with carriers and organizing packaging and shipping so that freight cost are minimize is called logistics management.

Q 13   What is payment processing?

Ans   Payment Processing is a system that enables secure, real time processing of online credit or debit card transactions including authentication and verification. In Order Management you can take items on credit.

Q14   What is Kitting?

Ans   The physical task of collecting and assembling of an assembled product or package is called kitting.

Q15 What is EDI

Ans    Edi is an acroynym of Electronic data interchange a method of trading documents such as orders invoices and delivery schedules by electronic means from one corporate system to another rather than in paper form.

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