Content Development Functionality in the professional edition: UPK


  1. Installation & Administration: This content provides instructions for installing the developer in a single user or multi-user environment as well as add and manage users and content in a multi-user installation. An administrator help system also appears in the developer for authored configured as administrator. This manual also provides instruction for installing and configuring the knowledge center, including the content root(or content repository) and the user import utility.

 Content Development: This Content provides the information on how to create maintain and publish the content using the player.

  1. Content Player: This content provides the instruction on how to view the content using the player.
  2. Reports Management: This Provides instruction on how to run and manage usage tracking and other reports.
  3. User and Content Development: This content provides Instructions on how to create user accounts user groups, Knowledge Paths, Import, Content and Server management.
  4. In Application Support: This content provides information on how to implement content sensitive in application support for enterprise application using player content.
  5. Upgrade: This Content Provides information on how to upgrade from a previous version to a current version.
  6. Knowledge Center: this Content Provides instruction on how to use knowledge center options such as knowledge paths, Notes, and mentoring and so on.
  7. Convert Player: This content describes how to convert player topics to MP4 or Movies.
  8. The User Productivity Kit Premier support ends in April 2019.

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