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 Different types of picking in Order Management

Order Picking is defined as an activity by which goods are picked from the warehouse system to satisfy a number of independent customer orders. Picking is an important part of Order Management in Oracle. Without picking the process of delivering goods is not satisfied and customer will be in a stage of uncertainty. The picking process enables you to release order for picking, select material location pick stock from, enter picking results , and ship confirm the order against the demand made by the customer.

Steps involved in picking process and the other side shows the status of Order Demand Line

1 Reserve Material Process       /   Unfulfilled
2 Order Release Process           /    Releasable
3 Perform Physical Picking       /    Released
4 Record the picking result     /     Released
5 Picking Confirmation Process /  Confirmed


The first step in picking process is order release process request to:

1 Select the orders and the demand lines and release them for picking. The lines are set to released state and assigned a pick batch ID to uniquely identify the grouping.

2   Create hard allocation against the lines means that the transaction allows you to allocate available quantities to a list of sales orders. This is also known as push pick plan or system defined pick plan.

The Order Release Process use specified picking rules to determine the most appropriate location in the warehouse.

3 Make Suggestions for picking material storage locations this is also know as pull pick plan.

4 Release Demand lines for picking without allocations or suggesting picking location.

Understanding Picking confirmation Process

The Picking Confirmation Process

The Picking confirmation process select demand lines that:

  • Have been marked for confirmation during order release process (Auto Pick) or during picking results.
  • Have not been marked for confirmation when using one of the complete flag options.

The Pick Confirmation Process:

  • Moves the demand lines from the released state to confirmed state
  • Decreases on hand quantities for the appropriate storage location and prepare the demand lines for shipment processing.

If you are shipping  group of order lines by choosing advanced to shipped choice so the line may not be shipped together.

  • Unless Shipment of Partial order is allowed all demand lines for auto processing orders must be confirmed before they are eligible for shipping.
  • If you are auto processing sales orders then all the demand lines must be confirmed and assigned to the same Shipping Id before orders are shipped.
  • If verify ship date is being selected then stocked is shipped if the schedule shipment date is the current date or in the past.

Main Types of Order Picking:

1 Piece Picking: The Orders Pickers moves to collect products necessary for the order.

2   Zone Picking Method: Each Order that has been picked assigned to one specific zone and will only realize order picking within this zone.

3 Wave Picking Method: The System dispatches tasks line by line regardless of the sub-inventory where those tasks are picked from or to whom other lines on the orders have been dispatched.

4 Sorting System Method:  The Product is picked by the automatic conveyor for automatic storage.

5 Pick to Box Method: The picking area is organized so that there are number of picking stations connected by the conveyor. The Order Picker fills the box with the products from his station and the box moves to other picking station until the customer order is complete.

6 Discrete Picking:  The system dispatches discrete group of tasks grouped by picks ship grouping rules.

The warehouses of the manufacturing unit is also maintained outside the city and equipped with high machine to pick the unit and set it for dispatch for different locations.

These various forms of picking method which are shown above are to be used for types of items. In Oracle Order Management Picking function is the most important to transfer of goods from one place to another.

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