How to create an SR in Oracle and various types of SR

Open SR 

Create on SR Button—-then you will know what is the problem,and where is the problem

Then in Step 1 —–Write the problem summary

Add description to the problem summary description/configuration/Hardware/Software on demand.

Choose the correct identifier and click on the next button on upper right hand corner

Step 2 

Choose the problem type depending on your selection

Step 3

Choose the appropriate severity of the SR then click

- practices/overview/index-html

you will get the proactive my oracle support from

Various types of SR

Severity 1 : Problem or Product defect causes complete loss of service,regardless of customer environment.

Severity 2 : Severe loss of service with no acceptable workaround,However operations can continue in restricted fashion.

Severity 3: Minor loss of service impact is an inconvenience that may require workaround to restore functionality.

Severity 4 : No Loss of service minor error that does not impede operations or enhancement request.

Quality of escalation criteria is the key:

  1. Project deadlines
  2. Lost Revenue
  3. Government Reporting
  4. User at your door

Known Error : Permanent Solution

Solution Database  Entry : Tempo contains information required to provide or restore service solution

For Closing any Problem based Incident : We need to raise either known error or solution database with a separate template and value addition for considering RRB.


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