Working with SR

1  How Do I Close the SR?

Ans   These are the steps you need to follow while closing the SR:

  1. Click a link in the SR Number Column
  2. In the Manage Service Window click close service request
  3. Select a reason for closing the SR Enter the details in the update detail box then click apply.

A request to close the SR is sent to Oracle Support. And after closing the SR you can also re-open the SR by requesting for the reason to open it.

2 How do I upload the file?

Ans   To upload the following you can do any of the following:

  1. To upload a file in an existing SR, Click the link for the SR in one of the SR Regions then click add attachment.
  2. To upload a file while updating an SR Click attach in step 3. More details of the service request wizard.
  3. In the Add attachment window click choose file select the file you want to attach, then click open.
  4. In the Add attachment window click attach file.

3 How do I view uploaded file?

Ans  To View an uploaded file in the SR:

  1. Click the link for the SR
  2. In the attachments Section:
  • If there is only one file uploaded, click the file name
  • If more then one file is uploaded click view attachments then click the file you want to view.

4 How do I delete an uploaded file?

Ans   To Delete a file uploaded to SR:

  • Click the link for the SR
  • In the summary panel:
  • If there is only one file uploaded click the x next to the file name
  • If more than one file is uploaded, click view attachments then click x next to the file you want to delete.
  • In the confirmation window click ok.

5 What are the file formats for downloading the document in Oracle Support?

Ans   The file formats

  • Machintosh BINHEX (.hqx)
  • Machintosh self extraxting (.sea)
  • Windows Archive (Zip)
  • Windows Executable/self extracting (exe)
  • UNIX Archive (.tar)
  • UNIX Compressed (.z)
  • Adobe Portable Document format (.pdf)

6 What is the supported browser for accessing oracle support?

Ans            1  Internet Explorer 8,9,10,11, desktop versions

2 Mozila Firefox 33 and higher

3 Chrome  40 and higher

4 Safari 5,6,7,8

5 Safari Ios 5,6,7,8, (I pad only)

7 How do I update my primary contact information?

Ans  You must switch to oracle support to update the primary contact information

             8 How do I change the language that oracle cloud displays?

Ans  Oracle cloud support  English, Korean,  Japenese, and simplified Chinese .In order to change

The language :

  • Select Personalization from settings tab. The personalization page appears
  • Select a language from the language list then click apply changes. Oracle Cloud Support refreshes and displays it in the selected languages.

There are various oracle communities which help in the cloud support as the issue persist in the SR page. If there is already a solution is provided in the SR then the staff will go up for the solution. Otherwise you go for oracle support and ask for the help to fix the issue. The Oracle works and provide support on the severity of the SR and fix the solution. They provide patches, data-fix, and other  Customized solution to the problem raised by the client.

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