Introduction Of Oracle Workflow Builder: Purchase Order Process

In Oracle E Business Suite for PO module workflow builder plays an important part for the approval of purchase order. There are many approval workflow that we use in Oracle EBS they are PO approval workflow, Requisition workflow, Invoice approval workflow, Expense Approval Workflow, General Ledger Voucher approval workflow. The workflow sends the approval notification to approvers in the oracle system to approve the Purchase order or Purchase Requisition.

  1. Requisition Process: It is an example of workflow process that is created when you create a requisition to an purchase item.
  2. Document Review Process: In this process the approver review and approve the attached documents. When you commit a document review request then the process sends the notification to the designated approver to approve the document.
  3. Error Check Process: It is the process which scans the workflow activity looking for activities in error. It also sends the notification listing the errors to the alert recipient .In this process you have to provide item key, user key, process owner, Alert recipient, start date and end date of the process.
  4. Alert Action Process: The user defined alert action process is initiated as a sub process by the error check process. The workflow of alert action process is:

Starts the process——-Send notification to the recipient ———-Then process ends.

When you submit the purchase order the order information is inserted in the database table and the purchase order is raised. While raising the purchase order you must specify order number, item number, item description, delivery date total amount, the role of the requestor for whom the purchase order is being raised. During the purchase order processing in the supplier the process sends messages back to the buyer system:

The documents created are as follows:

  1. Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  2. Advance Shipment Notice
  3. Invoice

After all the three response documents have been received the process ends.


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