Miscellaneous Receipt An Overview

There are six types of Miscellaneous Receipt

  1. Miscellanous Reciept
  2. Miscellanous Isuue
  3. Account Reciept
  4. Account Issue
  5. Account alias issue
  6. Account alias Receipt


A Receipt is the transaction and the acknowledgment which is received against the transfer of goods or properties. We create miscellaneous receipt  and miscellaneous issue in order to adjust on hand quantity of the item when the actual quantity does not meet the Quantity in the ERP system. Inventory module is tied up with particular warehouse or organization.

  1. Account alias Receipt It is used during the account alias for the number transactions while using proper account number

To define an account alias:

1 Navigate to the Account Aliases window

  1. Enter a unique account alias name derived from concatenated segments of the account alias name key flexifled.
  2. Enter the general ledger account to which you charge all transactions that use this account alias. You can change this account only if the account alias has not been referenced.
  3. Enter the effective date on which the account alias is enabled. Date must be greater than or equal to the current date.
  4. Save your work


Use Of Miscellaneous Transactions:

  1. 1 With Miscellaneous transactions you can issue receive the material from your current organization.

2 This allows you to issue materials to groups that are not inventory, receiving, or Work in process.

3 You can also make also manual adjustments to the general ledger.

4 You can perform the receipts for the items that are acquired from supplier

5 While implementing oracle you can load all item on hand quantities.





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