Multi-org Concept In Oracle E Business Suite | Class 8

     Multi-org Concept In Oracle E Business Suite

Multi-org Concept (Applications & Database) enhancement that enables multi –business units in an enterprise to use a single installation of Oracle applications Product while keeping transaction data separate and Secure.

In Oracle 11(i)

Multi- org capabilities

1 Cash Management

2   Order   Management

3 Payable

4 Property manager

5 Projects

6 Purchasing

7 Receivables

8 Sales  compensation

9 Sales and Marketing

10 Service

11 Sales and Marketing

12 Services

Multi-org related to us in 3 ways of order management

1   Order Management

2   Shipping execution

3   Release Management

Importance of Multi-org in Business Needs

1 Use Single Installation of any Oracle applications product to support any number of business units

2 Require access to data can access information relevant to them

3 Any number of BU for Installation of Oracle application

Basic Business Needs

Multi-org enhancement to oracle application provides features necessary to satisfy business needs

1 Procure Products from Operating unit that uses one set of book, but receive them from another operating unit using separate set of books

2 Report at any level of Organization structure

Workflow: It is the wiring for E Business

Streamlined Business Process Play a critical workflow delivers

1 Process definition

2   Automation

3 Integration   Solution

         Plan      Source      Make     Market          Sell     Support
Concept to release     Campaign to Order  
Forecast to plan Procure to Play Demand to     Build   Click to Order  
  Inventory to fulfillment     Order to Cash Request to resolution
Back office People to pay check   Project to Profit Activity to final reports  


These are the Multi-org Concepts for business enhancement which will decide the business to grow.

Some of the full forms Used in Oracle

CRP- Customer Run Pallet

URM- User Reference Manual

MOAC- Multi-org access control

BI- Business Intelligence

POS- Point of sales System

WMS- Warehouse Management System

ODC- Offshore Development Center

ITS- Interface trip stop

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