Oracle E Business Suite Inventory Material Status Control Class / 26


Material status control is a system which controls the on-hand quantity of particular item. The status enables you to  pick or ship internal order or sales order, or issue material for work order. You can also specify that the material will reach the shop-floor after inspection or not. You assign material status at four levels :

  • Sub- Inventory
  • Locator
  • Lot
  • Serial Number


                         Cumulative effective status of all disallowed items: Material Status Examples

     Status Active  Hold Immature Almost Mature
Disallows  None Picking, Shipping, and Production Picking or Shipping for customers Shipping for Customers
Allows All Sub-inventory transfers Picking or shipping for Internal Orders Picking for Customers


These are the following options which enables status control for the transaction types:

1 Enable status control for the transaction types

Set profile option Inv: Material Status Support= Yes


2 Define Material Status Code

  • Specify that which transaction types can be restricted by the status.
  • Specify planning attributes for material status
  • Specify transactions allowed and disallowed for material status


3 Attach material status code to sub-inventory locator/lot/serial number

Material Status can control over each inventory transaction for a specific material within your warehouse or Manufacturing facility. The status is controlled at sub inventory level in order if there is shortfall of any item then it could be easily supplied. In addition to it you can also determine whether the item to be included for available to promise calculations or not.


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