Oracle E Business Suite Move order Type

There are different types of move orders which are used in oracle inventory. The transactions are being processed from one inventory org to other inventory org. It allows the material to move from one organization to another through proper channel. The move order is generated when there is urgent need in the plant for any material which is short or obsolete. There are two types of transfer which are more used in organization they are Inter org and intra-org transfer. Inter org transfer is the transfer within the organization, while intra-org transfer is the transfer of goods or materials outside the organization.

There are various move order types they are as follows:

  1. Move Order Requisition: At the set up on item level move order require approval from the hierarchy before they can be transacted or allocated to any org. These can be used to transfer the material from one sub-inventory to another sub- inventory .
  2. Replenishment Move Order: These are move order which are created automatically depending upon the quantity to replenish the item.

There are 3 types of Replenishment planning:

  1. Min Max Replenishment Planning: It is the type of planning which is performed for the item at the organization or sub-inventory level to maintain the minimum quantity of good or materials which is required. when there is shortage of the item at the inventory level then it suggests to create a new requisition or job to fulfill the requirement.
  2. Kan-ban Replenishment Planning: It is the type of planning which is used in the inventory to short lead times and reduce inventory cost with minimum supervision. The kanban location for a kanban item is the designated location where that item is stored.
  3. Replenishment Count Planning: It is the planning which is done to review the counts before creating requisitions. In addition to it when you order such type of count where you specify the quantity to be ordered. And Secondly it orders min-max quantity.



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