Oracle E Business suite Products a brief outlook of what it consists of | Class 11

Oracle E Business suite Products

1. What is TMS?

Ans: Overview of Oracle Transportation

Oracle Transportation enables companies that manufacture or distribute goods to better communicate, collaborate, and manage their transportation processes. Oracle Transportation enables transactions to flow seamlessly between Oracle Order Management and Oracle Warehouse Management modules. Using Oracle Transportation, you can manage your fulfillment needs with complete visibility to carrier rates, schedules, in-transit events, and delivery information. You can use Oracle Transportation and Oracle Shipping Execution to streamline the entire logistics execution process, from picking and packing, to shipping and final delivery. You can manage deliveries with both carriers and customers, and can also process and rate deliveries according to carrier requirements. Oracle Transportation enables you to automatically assign carriers to deliveries based on customer requirements. Oracle Transportation integrates with Oracle Warehouse Management and Oracle Order Management to provide you a complete integrated logistics solution. From the customer order to the final delivery, Oracle Transportation provides you an automate d process ensuring that your customer  orders are efficiently processed.


2.What is Work in Process?
Ans: Oracle Work in Process Overview. Oracle Work in Process is the core of Oracle’s Discrete Manufacturing solution. Oracle Work in Process by itself provides a complete production management system that improves productivity, quality, and responsiveness while maximizing throughput and production.


3. What is Oracle Process Manufacturing?
Ans: One of the primary differences between OPM and Discrete Manufacturing applications is the Process that is used to define a batch. In Discrete, you have a BOM and a Routing that define the manufacturing process (released as a discrete job)


4. What is Federal   Administration ?
Ans: Federal Financials utilizes a collection of functionality that is organized under the FV database schema to support various Federal requirements. This may be referred to as the ‘Federal Administrator’ module in some circumstances (Federal Administrator is the seeded Super User responsibility that allows access to the functionality). Key components of this functionality include:

  • Budget Execution configuration and transaction capability (to distribute congressional appropriation funding within an agency),
  • Integration with the US Treasury for making disbursements for required payments,
  • Integration with US Treasury for providing various financial reporting files (FACTS I/II) and processing Intergovernmental transactions (IPAC),
  • Various Federal reporting capabilities (SF224, Financial Statements),
  • Various Federal Specific AR and AP functionality


5. What is Oracle Sales?
Ans: Only Oracle provides a single, global basis of information to drive selling effectiveness across your sales, marketing, service, fulfillment, and finance divisions. Oracle accomplishes this by using consistent information globally, ensuring all selling channels are aligned with corporate objectives. Moreover, when Oracle Sales is deployed across Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Application Server 10g technologies, you speed implementation, optimize system performance, and streamline support—all while maximizing your return on investment.


6. What is Oracle MRP?
Ans: Oracle MRP provide many different item and plan level attributes that give you the flexibility for generating material and distribution requirements plans that satisfy your business needs. The planning process calculates net material requirements from: the master schedule.


7. What is Oracle Workflow?
Ans: Oracle Workflow Builder is a graphical tool that lets you create, view, or modify a business process with simple drag and drop operations. Using the Workflow Builder, you can create and modify all workflow objects, including activities, item types, and messages. At any time you can add, remove, or change workflow activities, or set up new prerequisite relationships among activities. You can easily work with a summary-level model of your workflow, expanding activities within the workflow as needed to greater levels of detail.

8. What is Oracle Financials?
Ans: Only Oracle E-Business Suite Financials allow you to:

  • Work Smarter: Increase efficiency and reduce back-office costs with standardized processes for shared services, productivity tools, and integrated performance management
  • Work Globally: Manage your global finance organization from a single, integrated system and comply with multiple legislations, accounting standards, and policies
  • Work Securely: Facilitate financial control and corporate governance with a holistic approach to compliance and risk management

9. What is SCM?
Ans: Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) basically integrates and automates all key supply chain activities starting from design, planning, and procurement to manufacturing and fulfillment.It depends upon how the company or Line managers planning to use these application module in there business line.
10. What is HRMS?

    Ans :

  • Oracle Human Resources (HR), Oracle HRMS Intelligence (HRMSI)
  • Oracle Learning Management, Oracle pay roll, Oracle Time and Labor
  • Oracle Time & Labor (OTL), Oracle Advanced benefits, Oracle I Recruitment

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