Oracle E Business Suite- Ship Confirm Class / 27

In Oracle E Business Suite Ship Confirm is a process where goods or items are shipped from one destination to another destination and the process is called ship confirm. A sales order is associated with the items to be ordered and punched for the concerned delivery lines. The item with respective sales quantity and price are being associated and after the line is processed the status of line is ship-confirmed. A delivery associated with sales order is ship confirmed then shipping execution takes place confirming that the lines associated with the sales order have been shipped. During ship confirm the process validates the following attributes:

  1. Shipping calendar associated with the location of the organization: In the shipping calendar if there is no assignment associated with the location of the organization then the application defaults the shipping calendar at the organization level and validates that.
  2. Receiving Calendar from Customer: If there is any assignment of receiving calendar at the customer location then the application considers it for validation.
  3. Carrier Calendar: If there are any assignments at the organization location or at customer location then the application considers these calendars. Otherwise the application considers the calendar defined at the organization level.

                 Running the Ship Confirm Process

 The for ship confirming running process we need to have following prerequisites :

1 Delivery line must be staged or pick confirmed

2 Delivery must be open

3 At least one delivery line must be assigned to the delivery

4 For Oracle warehouse management system the shipped quantity is disabled, unless the item is non transactable or non reservable.

Consideration of material status feature in Oracle Inventory

Transaction Type Description
Sales Order Issue Ship Confirm External Sales Order
Internal Order Issue Ship Confirm Internal Order Issue
Internal Order Transfer sub-Inventory Transfer sourced by internal order
Internal Order In-transit ship Ship to intransit sourced by internal sales order
Internal Order Direct ship Direct transfer between two organizations on a internal order
Miscellaneous  issue Perform miscellaneous issue of material
Project contract Issue Project Contract Issue

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