Oracle E Business Suite :Shipping Concepts

Ship from: It is the location from where the material is being shipped that is the warehouse. A material can be shipped from the plant known as ex works.

Ship to: A ship to location is the location where the goods or the material is being shipped termed as destination.

Deliveries: A Delivery must be created to perfom ship confirm. The deliveries are tied up with the sales order which is in order management functionality. A delivery can be created automatically or manually from the shipping transactions form after the line has become awaiting shipping.

Delivery Line: Delivery line are the line attached to the sales order which has sales quantity, price, and Unit of Measure. They are visible from the shipping transaction form.

Delivery Leg: Delivery leg is the term which has two stops to reach its final destination. For example two reach new York it completes its has first stop to Dallas and then to Texas .And in the stops where the items must be picked up and dropped off.

Companies use various transportation methods to deliver goods within the country and outside the country. The methods could be rail, air, road or shipping transport. There are container which has the item to be transported to out of country without any prior disturbance within the transit.

The container has the License Plate Number which is being  required for the transit within cities or out of countries.

The tables that hit at backend are:





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