Oracle E Business Suite- Some terminologies and set up in order management

Business Group: It is the highest level in organizational structure, such as consolidated enterprise a major division or an operation company .The Business group secures the Human Resource Information.

Legal Entity: It is the unit which prepares fiscal or tax reports.

Inventory Org: Multiple Org: Same set of books

Each inventory org to —Multiple set of books

Physical area : row, aslie, bin , shelf.

3 ways to create price list

1 price list set up

2 Add item for inventory

3 Copy existing Price lists

India Localization Users

India localization uses its own tax engine for handling tax applicable across procure to pay and order to cash cycle.

India Inventory setup:

  1. Define Organization Inventory information
  2. Define accounts information for organization
  3. Define Tax Calendar
  4. Define Excise Invoice Generation
  5. Define sub-inventory information.

India Purchasing  setup

Define Tax codes

Define Tax Categories

Define Supplier Information

Define Regime (VAT/Service Tax/TCS)




India Payable setup

Define TDS Year

Define Income tax Authority

Define Custom Authority

Define BOE Agent

India   Order Management Setup

Define Bond Register

Define Tax Codes

Define Tax categories

Define Item categories

India Receivable Set up

Define Tax Codes

Define Tax categories

Define Item Categories

Define Supplier Additional Information.



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