Oracle Warehouse Management System Class/29

Oracle Warehouse management system is the resource management system where manufacturing process, Warehouse Resource Management system, task management, and picking methods from the ship ports are done. This process aligns the picking up of material from the warehouse and delivering it to the customer destination. Warehouse management system has following supply chain inventory management systems which are as follows:

  1. Inbound Logistics: It is the type of solution which includes receiving material directly from inventory, Label Printing ,Inspections and cross-docking
  2. Storage and Facility Management System: The storage of goods are kept in the warehouse and it also handles outside organizations replenishments
  3. Value Added Services : It includes Packing, Picking, and kitting
  4. Outbound Logistics: In this type we include picking, staging, loading, and product consolidation.
  5. Reverse Logistics: In this type of logistics it includes product return, refurbishment, Re-cycling.

   License Plate number status

LPN is material status control logistics which stops the movement of on-hand inventory. It is encrypted it on the Container where scanner scans the container and move it forward. In-order to enable LPN material status control you have to enable on hand material status control. It is one of the most important part of warehouse management responsibility.LPN is generated from mobile device. It is also generated with the help of concurrent request. You can view LPN from material Workbench window.

There are different options available for generation of LPN:

  1. Container Item
  2. LPN Prefix
  3. LPN Suffix
  4. Starting Number
  5. Quantity
  6. Cost group

In the item it can also have following attribute:

1 Weight UOM  2 Volume UOM 3 Volume Content  4 Container Item

With reference to LPN the following transaction takes place 1.Put away 2 LPN Load 3 LPN Ship 4 Sub-inventory transfer 5 Organization Transfer 6 Planning Transfer 7 Transfer to regular 8 Alias Issue 9 Miscellaneous issue 10 Split 11 Split by Order 12 Unpack 13 Consolidate 14 Normal Cycle Count.

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