Order Organizer- Oracle E Business Suite

You can find the order while entering the order date and to date. There by you can also filter it by customer name, number as it displays the order entered during the date. You can order standard items both Shippable, Non-Shippable, and configuration using the window.

Important Points

Order type is dependent on invoice to Invoice to is also dependent on agreement.

Pre-requisites of Sales Order

Set up order types

Set up your sales person

Set up your price lists

Set up your discounts

The following amount contains the rounded amount within the sales order.

  1. Total
  2. Sub-total
  3. Discount total
  4. Charges
  5. Tax
  6. Payment Amount
  7. Prepaid Amount
  8. Pending Amount

Order Type can be changed even after saving the order as long as

  1. The Order Number generate not set to be gapless
  2. The Order is Un-booked
  3. The Order doesn’t have any lines

Item Order-ability  Rules in order management cannot be applied in order applications for order capturing applications comes from such as quoting, I store, or 3 rd party.

A quote is an offer to do business and the validity of that offer is often limited to a specific period of time represented by x number of days x number of months.

Then there is Expiration date: The date on which the sales order is going to expire.

Quoted date:   It is the date on which the sales order is quoted.

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