Shipping Execution Concepts in Oracle with Example

Shipping Execution

  • Trip
  • Stop
  • Delivery
  • Delivery leg


TRIP:    A Trip is an instance of a specific freight carrier departing from a particular location containing deliveries .It may make other stops on its way from a particular location containing deliveries. It may make other stops on its way from the starting point to its final destination. These stops can be for picking up or dropping off deliveries.

Example: Trip 1 San-Francisco to New York, New York to Miami, and Miami to Dallas.

Stop: A Stop represents a point along the route that a trip makes to its final destination. This point may also have some activity associated with it. The activity might include picking up a new Delivery, Dropping  of a delivery or both.

San-Francisco   to  Stop     1
New York to Stop   2
Miami to   Stop   3
Dallas to   Stop   4


III) Delivery: Consolidation of sales order lines by attributes,

Based on User Defined Criteria:

Mandatory Grouping Criteria include Carrier, freight terms, FOB, Freight terms, FOB, Freight terms, ship methods, FOB Code, and carrier.

A Delivery is defined as a rule based consolidation of sales order lines by attribute. Mandatory grouping criteria are carrier, freight terms, FOB and currency.

  1. IV) Delivery Leg: Consists of at least two stops and one leg or trip, Represented by bills of lading.

A Delivery leg consists of two stops where the delivery is picked up and dropped off respectively on the same trip. The delivery may travel through several legs to get to its final destination. A Delivery leg is synonymous with bill of lading.

These are the forms of shipping execution which consists of these concepts which forms deliberately the complete shipping cycle process.

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