Some common questions asked as Oracle functional or Technical Interview | Class 9

The most common question which is asked in Interview is Tell me something about yourself ?  And this question in itself is a decision maker. You have to be very spontaneous and Prompt in answering this question. So here is the trick to answer this question Just remember the word   ASE

A: Academic, S: Skill, E: Experience these are the words which you have to talk about and most relevantly give appropriate answer. Let’s discuss it one by one first to handle about the academics we will first discuss the recent qualification and then move on to the last one. Then we will talk about the skill or the technologies used in the Organization i.e. Oracle, PL SQL, HTML etc.

These are the some of the questions asked in interview coming down to third answer what is your Experience. Talking about the experience you should talk about your latest experience starting and come down to the last.

Then a set of question is asked related to the field you have worked for

Oracle functional


Ans- Key flex field

– Descriptive flex field


2 In the Order Management Process,  When does the pick status of a line become cancelled or how to set the pick status of a line as cancelled.


Ans .When you cancel the sales order line the pick status will show as cancel


3   What are the steps involved in order to cash cycle?

Ans   Enter the sales order

Book the sales order

Launch Pick Release

Ship Confirm

Transfer to GL

4  What are the steps involved in Procure to Pay Cycle?

Ans   Create requisition

Create Purchase Order

Enter Inventory Receipts (

Enter Payable Invoice

Make Payment against invoice

Create accounting and transfer to GL(General Ledger)

5    What is the role of functional Consultant?

The role of functional consultant is to resolve tickets on daily basis upon the priority basis, Update the    SR. Taking calls Of Clients and updating it on weekly basis.



Question asked for technical functional consultant

6 How to migrate the custom tables from apps to R12 WHEN we are doing the up-gradation of   reports?

Ans In order to migrate reports from one instance to other we need to create the custom tables in upgraded version and validate the package in current version and generate a new report.


7 What is the difference between conversion and interface?

 Conversion is one time process which is done when system is upgraded to new version whereas Interface is routine process

Interface is a program which we run daily or periodically Where  as conversion we run only one time to get the data from legacy system to oracle system

8   Which Module is not a Multi-org?

Ans   Inventory

9 What is ERP?

Ans A packaged business software system that lets a company automate and integrate the majority of its business processes; share common data and practices across the enterprise; [and] produce and access information in a real-time environment

10 What is Inbound and Outbound Interface?

Ans   For inbound interfaces  Where these products are the destination, interface tables as well as supporting validation, processing, and maintenance programs are provided.

Outbound InterfaceFor outbound interfaces, where these products are the source, database views are provided and the destination application should provide the validation, processing, and maintenance programs.

11 What is the Process to develop an Interface?

Ans   First we will get the Requirement document.

  • We will create control file based on that plot file.
  • Then the control files which loads the data into staging tables.
  • Through pl/sql programs we will mapping and validate the data and then dump into the interface tables.
  • Through the standard programs we will push the data from interface tables to Base tables.



12 What are the Validation in Customer Interface?

  • Ans  customer name : The same customer reference can’t have different customer names          with in this table HZ_PARTIES.PARTY_NAME
  • Customer number: must be null if your r using automatic customer numbering, must exit if you are not using automatic customer numbering. This value much be unique with in HZ_PARTIES
  • Customer status : must be ‘A’ for active or ‘I’ for inactive


  • bank account num or bank account currency code :

if the bank a/c already exist do not enter a value

if the bank a/c does not exist  you must enter a value

  • bank a/c name : it must exist in AP_BANK_ACCOUNTS or if it does not exist values must exist for BANK_A/C_CURRENCY_CODE




13) What are profile options?

Ans   It is some set of options based on which the Functional and Technical behavior   of Oracle Applications depends.

EX: – I want to assign the user3 responsibility to p4 printer then

System Administrator > Profile àSystem   (FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS)

14 What are different value sets?

1) None ——validation is minimal.

2) Independent  —— input must exist on previously defined list of values

3) Dependent—— input is checked against a subset of values based on a

prior value.

3) Table —– input is checked against values in an application table

4) Special ——values set uses a flex field itself.

5) Pair: two flex fields together specify a range of valid values.

6) Translatable independent: input must exist on previously defined list

Of values; translated values can be used.

7) Translatable Dependent   :  input is checked against a subset of values
Based on a prior values; translated value can be used.

15) What is a Package?

Ans  Group logically related pl/sql types, items and subprograms.

1)   Package specification

2)   Package body

        Advantages of a package:

  • Modularity, Easier Application Design, Information Hiding, Overloading

16)   What activities can be performed in AOL?

Ans a) Registering tables. b) Registering views c) Registering db sequencesd) Registering profile   options e) Registering lookups and lookup codes
f) Registering forms g) Registering Form and Non-Form functions
i) Registering menus and sub-menus j) Registering DFF and KFF k) Libraries

17 What is Invoice?

A request sent for Payment

18   What is a Set of Books?

Ans Collection of charts of accounts, Currency, and Calendars

19 What is Interface table?

Ans   Interface table is a table which is used to transfer data between two systems

20 What are different Concurrent request?

  1. a) Single request:    this allows you to submit an individual request.
  2. b) Request set:       this allows you to submit a pre-defined set of requests.


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