UPK- User Productivity Kit an effective tool of oracle/class 20

What is User Productivity Kit (UPK)

Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) is content development document which capture, retain, and distribute critical business information of your enterprise application.UPK Provides simple and comprehensive content for development, deployment of business owners. Oracle UPK supports oracle, SAP as well as Microsoft as well as other enterprise applications. Oracle UPK helps highest return on their enterprise application.

Now to Understand UPK in simple language. First you have to purchase the access of it from oracle and install UPK on your laptop. Then after installing it you keep on the UPK Developer it starts capturing the document which you need to make. Suppose you have to make a document of to generate the id on IRCTC Website. First you turn on the UPK button and open Google and type IRCTC website then the link will open then you log in if you have the id on IRCTC Website. And there how you can book the ticket on the website and after that you close the UPK tool. Then name that folder document which is named as IRCTC WEBSITE LOGIN. After that you can see the screenshots of the document which is being captured in UPK and that’s how the UPK works. As it supports oracle functionality in my previous organization KPIT I have developed 83 UPK for Order Management. So in this way you can become a Content developer,Content writer,and System administrator.

The project team works in and around the clock by using oracle UPK Professional  to document “as is” state of process flows to capture to be state.Their are professional UPK developers which work in simulation with project team.


  • First benefit is that it creates a document for an unknown user it is easy to use and understand.
  • It integrates with Oracle, SAP as well as Microsoft so it syncs with latest technologies functions.
  • As it captures and distribute critical organizational process knowledge with multiple learning methods and just in time performance report.
  • It creates a faster recovery through investment and accelerated user adoption.
  • It streamlines the deployment process for prebuilt content with oracle applications.
  • It reduces the cost of software implementations
  • It speeds time with efficiency with the courses
  • UPK easily distribute track and measure content by role
  • Oracle UPK reduces test plan creation and accelerate testing cycle
  • Use of UPK will increase knowledge retention with conceptual based questions.
  • It provides a easy document for learner and could learn any processes.

Oracle UPK Project Life cycle value

1 Planning:

  • Reduces Planning costs
  • Condense Project timelines
  • Improve Communication
  • Enforce Participation
  • Reduce Lost Knowledge

2 Execution :

  • Reduce Development time
  • Reduce Testing time
  • Reduce Training Costs
  • Achieve Standardization

3 Continual Improvement  :

  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce On-boarding time
  • Reduce Support Costs
  • Improves Knowledge Management

Therefore oracle UPK is a tool which enables the user to understand the complicated business process in a simplified way. There are various tools which are present in business process of UPK which I will discuss later in the topic. This tool is very user friendly which is used to develop the document and keep it as a repository for future references. A continuous change in releases makes it updated and competent in age of technology. To meet the management need content can also be imported to Oracle I Learning, SAP Learning solution, and SABA learning suite. Even in the best possible circumstances the user tends to forget things what he or she has learnt few days back. So this tool Provide a robust background support while looking it into the document and come back with the solution. By managing knowledge as an asset organization can realize substantial reduction in maintenance of their content with Oracle UPK Professionals.

The success of any organization depends upon employees effectively using the software as effectively as possible. With Oracle UPK Professionals project teams can make the process more simpler through all phases of any project life cycle, which in turn dramatically reduces time to deployment and ensure end user adoption.

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