Department of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE) Kerala 1st and 2nd Year Sample Papers


1.An ugly customer one you would’nt forget in a hurry Can you describe a person that
you had mey and that you couldnt forget. Score-5
2.Your class as a whole decided to begin acampaign against the use of plastics.prepare 4
slogans for the campaign. Score 4
3.What relevance do you attach to the plea of chief seattle today when we see the drying
up of rivers.write a letter to the editor ofa newspaper highlighting the importance of
conserving rivers. Score-6
4.You are going to visit Munnar from your shool.prepare an itinerary for 2 days. Score-6
5.Write a review of any of the poems that have learned.Score-6
6.E.V Lucas went to shot rabbits, but was unsuccessful.but the rabbits understood the seriousness of the situation and assembled in the forest.prepare a speech for the leader of the rabbits to thank the animals who saved their life. Score-6
7.You were with Albert Schweitzer during his life in Africa who provided medical care
to the poor natives of French Equatorial Africa.Prepare a newspaper report on his
activities. Score-7
8.Write a description about the evolution of English. Score-7
9.Reverse the roles of Mohanlal and Lachmi in Karma and reconstruct the story from your imagination. Score-8
You have decided to organize an awareness class in which you propose to invite
renowned environmentalist.Prepare a notice for the prpgramme. Score-5
10.Theft is increasing everyday.Write four newspaper headlines that you have these days about theft. Score-4
Charity Jones of True Love has fallen in love with Milton Davidson.she was very sad that he was arrested for a cyber crime.Recreate he diary entry of Ms Jones on the day of Davidsons arrest. Score-6
11.The blindman in Lifting The Veil returned to his homeland and speaks about his Thailand experience to a friend.Construct a likely dialogue. Score-6
12.The famous environmentalist Smt.Vandana Shiva visits your school.Suppose you are selected to make an interview with her. Prepare five questions. Score-4

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