DHSE Kerala 1st Year English Model Question Paper

DHSE Kerala 1st Year English Model Question Paper
Total Score: 80
Max time: 2 hours and 45 minutes
1. An exhibition on ‘Folk Arts of Kerala’ is being conducted in your school. You are asked to prepare
a poster. Prepare a poster. 5 Score
2. ‘Albert Schweitzer is honored with Doctorate’ this is the title of a news paper report. Prepare a
write- up in about75 words. 5 Score
3. Imagine that Sir Mohanlal is lying on the platform after the humiliation. You saw him and give
him two pieces of advice using ‘you should’, ‘you must not’ etc. 2 Score
4. You are a renowned poet now. You happen to meet WB Yeats at a function. Prepare a
conversation between yourself and Yeats (six exchanges). 6 Score
5. “Those who can see don’t see: but those who can’t see do see”- narrate an experience to prove
this in the form of a speech. 7 Score
6. Imagine that you are a witness in the Pekham murder case. The judge asked you about your
experience. Narrate the incident. (Start like this: I was sleeping at night, when I heard a noise…
6 Score
7. You are participating in a writing competition. You are given the poem ‘The Express’ for
appreciation. Write the appreciation in 100 words. 9 Score
8. Dr. Vandana Shiva visits your school on the World Environment Day. Prepare 4 questions to
interview her. 8 Score
9. You are the secretary of Nature Club. Your club has decided to go to Silent Valley. Prepare an
iterinary for two days. 7 Score
10. Do you agree with the title ‘The Pride and Prejudice’? Give reasons. 5 Score
11. Imagine that the computer in your school writes an autobiography. Write it on behalf of the
computer. (80 words). 6 Score
12. Imagine that one of your friends decides to buy some household items on the installment
scheme. He seeks your advice. Write a letter to your friend giving your ideas about the
installment scheme. 6 Score
13. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visits your school. He is going to inaugurate the cultural club in your school.
Prepare a notice with the programme chart. 6 Score
14. Your school conducted a tour to Innisfree. You were one among the tourists. Prepare a
travelogue. 7 Score

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