EdCET 2010 Pattern and Syllabus | Osmania University B.Ed Entrance Test Pattern and Syllabus


Syllabus for the subjects under Part-A, Part-B and Part-C of the Education Common Entrance Test – 2010.


1. Reading Comprehension.

2. Correction of Sentences, Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Spelling.

3. Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms.

4. Transformation of Sentences – Simple, Compound and Complex. Voices, Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.


1. Questions will be designed to test the ability of the candidate’s general knowledge of the environment around him and its application to society.

2. Questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of every day observation and experience in their scientific outlook as is expected of an educated person.

3. The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighboring Countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, Ecology, Economics, General Policy and Scientific Research.

4. Teaching requires certain characteristics like ability to communicate, ability to deal with Children, ability to recognise individual differences etc., apart from analytical thinking and general intelligence. One who has these characteristics will be able to become a good teacher after training. Questions relating to these aspects will be included to test one’s teaching aptitude.

ART – C: One of the following subjects to be opted:

1. Mathematics (MS)

2. Physical Sciences (Physics and Chemistry) (PS)

3. Biological Sciences (Botany and Zoology) (BS)

4. Social Studies (Geography, History, Civics and Economics) (SS)

(For these four subjects Syllabus shall be of graduation level (revised common core degree syllabus) from the

topics related to the content prescribed for classes VIII, IX & X of A.P.) visit www.edcet2010.com, www.osmania.ac.in

5. English [Special English in B.A.]

The Syllabus for Part C for Subject: English shall cover

a) Syllabus pertaining to English for Classes VIII, IX and X and that for the Two- Year Intermediate course of A.P -50 Questions (50 Marks)


i) Language functions ii) Elements of Phonetics iii) Grammer

iv) Phrasal Verbs (ideoms) v) Writing skills vi) Study skills

vii) Reference skills

b) Syllabus Prescribed for Optional English at B.A. Degree Level (B.A.Special English)/ ML Syllabus in English-50 Questions (50 marks)


(Marks : 25)

1. Identify the pair of homonyms.

1. pair : pear 2. sun : shun 3. bun : fun 4. too : to

2. Although he is poor, he is contented.

The above sentence can be written as:

1. He is contented for he is poor . 2. He is poor, but he is contented.

3. He is poor, so he is contented also. 4. He is contented in spite of he is poor.

3. If you study hard, you will get good marks

1. conjunction, adverb 2. conjunction, adjective.

3. pronoun, prepostion 4. noun, pronoun


1. The best school is one which takes care of the students’

1. all-round development 2.social development 3. mental development 4. physical development

2. Planet that revolves faster than earth is

1.Mars 2. Venus 3. Jupiter 4. Neptune

3. World AIDS Day is observed on

1. 8th November 2. 4th October 3. 15th September 4. 1st December


(for 1 – Mathematics Methodology) (Marks : 100)

1. The sum of all digit odd natural numbers is

1. 2480 2. 2420 3. 2450 4. 2475

2. Three cubes each of side 5cm are joined end to end to form a cuboid. Then the surface area of the cuboid, in square units, is

1. 550 2. 500 3. 450 4.350

3. In a tringale ABC, tan A + tan B + tan C =

1. 1 2. tan A tan B + tan B tan C + tan C tan A 3.tan A tan B tan C 4. 0


(for 2 – Physical Sciences Methodology) (Marks : 100)

PHYSICS: (Marks: 50)

1. The following planet has no atmosphere

1. Earth 2. Mars 3. Venus 4. Mercury

2. The period of rotation of geo-stationary satellite is

1. 24 hours 2. 12 hours 3. 1 month 4. 1 year

CHEMISTRY: (Marks: 50)

1. The vapour pressure of the solvent in a solution is proportional to

1. the mole fraction of the solute. 2. the mole fraction of the solvent.

3. the molality of the solution. 4. the normality of the solution.

2. Which of the following of 0.1M aqeous solutions will have the lowest freezing point?

1. Sodium Chloride 2. potassium sulphate 3. Urea 4. Glucose


(for 3 – Biological Science Methodology) (Marks : 100)

BOTANY: (Marks: 50)

1. What are the organisms which do not show growth and reproduction?

1. Fungi 2. Viruses 3. Bacteria 4. Cyanobacteria

2. Pavement tissue is present in the ovule of the following gymnosperm

1. Pinus 2. Taxus 3. Gnetum 4. Ginkgo

ZOOLOGY: (Marks: 50)

1. The first success in the ‘test tube baby’ was achived by

1. Steptoe & Edwards. 2. Stanley & Oparin. 3. Kuhn & Rutherford. 4. Stanley & Bernard

2. An animal that is called as ‘Venus flower basket’ is

1. Spongilla 2. Euplectella 3. Euspongia 4. Cliona


(for 4 – Social Studies Methodology) (Marks : 100)

GEOGRAPHY: (Marks: 35)

1. The term ‘epicentre’ is associated with

1. a Volcano 2. an Earthquake 3. a Folding 4. a Faulting

2. ‘Doldrums’ are the

1. Northerly winds. 2.Westerly winds. 3. Calm and light winds. 4. Easterly winds.

HISTORY: (Marks: 30)

1. Which civilization is known for inventing the wheel?

1. Egyptian 2. Sumarian 3. Indus Valley 4. Chinese

2. Who was the first Roman Emperor who embraced Christianity?

1. Julius Caesar 2. Augustus 3. Constantine 4. Diocletian

ECONOMICS: (Marks: 20)

1. Growth definition of economics is associated with the same

1. Marshall. 2. Robins 3. Adam Smith 4. Samuelson

2. The difference between the value of export of physical goods and import of physical goods is called as………

1. Gross balance of payments. 2. Trade Balance. 3. Import traiff. 4. Net Balance of payment.

CIVICS: (Marks: 15)

1. A ‘Confidence Motion’ is introduced by the

1. Opposition leader. 2. Prime Minister. 3. Speaker. 4. Deputy Speaker.

2. The Governer of state is responsible to the

1. Parliament. 2. Prime Minister. 3. State legislature. 4. President.


(for 5 – English) (Marks : 100)

1. Identify the minimal pair.

1. too : two 2. bring : king 3. tear (n) : tear(v) 4. sow : shoe

2. Who wrote the elegy, “Written in A Country Churchyard”?

1. Robert Gray 2. William Gray 3. Oliver Gray 4. Thomas Gray

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