FCI Agriculture Solved Objective Questions For Management Trainee (MT) Exam

FCI AGRICULTURE Solved objective Question
1. How many factors are identified for influencing plant growth till now?
(A) 55
(B) 60
(C) 52
(D) 50
2, How does the moisture stress affect the cell
(A) Affect cell division
(B) Affect cell expansion
(C) Cell mortality rate is affected
(D) No effect on cell
3. At the vegetative growth stage, flowering is stopped in food-grain crops, known as-
(A) sigmoid growth curve
(B) determinate growth
(C) indeterminate growth
(D) grand growth period
4. Which one of the following can be assessed by using the following equation?
A= Economic Production / Biomass Production
(A) Panicle emergence rate
(B) Rate of flowering
(C) Harvest Index
(D) Leaf production rate
5. How much radiation energy percentage radiating on plant is used in photosynthesis ?
(A) 0-50%-210%
(B) 0-42%-1-66%
(C) 0-25%-0-30%
(D) 0-16%-0-24%
6. The crop with yarns of sunnhemp is prepared in-
(A) 12-15 weeks
(B) 15-17 weeks
(C) 10-12 weeks

(D) 8-10 weeks
7. Which is not an inorganic matter in the following ?
(A) Magnesium
(B) Iron
(C) Fat
(D) Iodine
8. Which is the highest digestible protein non-leguminous crop among the following
(A) Napier
(B) Maize silage
(C) Maize
(D) Iowar
9. Which disease occurs, when more sorghum is consumed ?
(A) Rickets
(B) Scurvy
(C) Nightblindness
(D) Pellagra
10. Which Sorghum variety is not multicut ?
(A) Pusa Chari-2
(B) M.P. Chari-2
(C) M.P. Chari
(D) U.P. Chari-1
11. Which is not true in relation to Bajra ? ‘
(A) Penniseturn typhoides
(B) Graminae family
(C) Chromosome No. – 20
(D) OriginAfrica
12. Which variety of Barley is husk-less
(A) Pragati (K 508)
(B) Ritambhara (K 551)
(C) Geetamjali (K 1149)
(D) Karan-3

13. Which is not true in relation to Gram ?
(A) Subfamily——Papilionaceae
(B) Chromosome No.—22
(C) Acid——Ma.lic and Oxalic
(D) Origin—North America
14. Which does not match in relation to Cotton ?
(A) C-520 —— Diploid
(B) G-27 — Diploid
(C) Vikas — American
(D) Ranivan — American
15. Which is not matched in relation to sugarcane ?
(A) Seed treatment—-Aglol 3%
(B) For seed—6-7 month old crop
(C) Sowing—Upper portion is more used
(D) After flowering—Used for sowing
16. Which is not basic principle of Agronomy ?
(A) To select appropriate materials
for seed & sowing
(B) Management of soil and
(C) Appropriate intercropping
activities management for crop
(D) Livestock management for
17. Where and when was World Meteorological Organization established ?
(A) New York – 1980
(B) Washington-1978
(C) Geneva—1978
(D) Rome- 1976
18. Effective cause of atmospheric pressure is not-
(A) temperature
(B) altitude from the sea level
(C) rotation of earth

(D) soil erosion
19. Which is not correct in the following ?
(A) X-rays and Gamma rays
— 9% of energy
(B) Visible lighting rays -41%
of energy
(C) Infrared rays -50% of
Y energy
(D) Ultraviolet rays- 10% of
20. Match List-I with List•II and select the correct answer using the codes given below-
(a) Paddy (b) Wheat
(c) Maize (d) Groundnut
List-II ’
1. 20°C 2. 22°C
3. 25°C 4. 26°C
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 4 2 3 1
(B) 2 1 4 3
(C) 3 4 2 1
(D) 1 3 4 2
21, Which states are the highest 8: lowest producers of Potato crop ?
(A) Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand
(B) Gujarat and Assam
(C) Uttar Pradesh & Himachalpradesh
(D) Bihar & Kashmir
22. Which elements are useful in energy storage, transfer and bonding ?
(A) N P K
(B) N S P
(C) N K S
(D) None of these

23. Which of the following elements play an important role in nitrogen metabolism ?
(A) Magnesium
(B) Manganese
(C) Molybdenum
(D) Iron
24. How much Brinjal seed may be obtained from one hectare area 7
(A) 150-200 kg
(B) 100-150 kg
(C) 200-300 kg
(D) 75-125 kg
25. Which species of honeybee is not Indian ?
(A) Apis florea
(B) Apis dorsata
(C) Apis cerana
(D) Apis mellifera
26. Which of the following is the cross of Karan Swiss ?
(A) Sahiwal x Brown Swiss
(B) Sahiwal x Holstein
(C) Hariyana x Brovsm Swiss
(D) Hariyana >< ]ersey Answer:A
27. For how many years is Sheep able to breed ?
(A) 10 years
(B) 7years
(C) 5 years
(D) 12 years
28, l-low much area mz is required for a Goat ?
(A) 0-9 ~ 1•O m2
(B) 1-1-5 m2
(C) 0-75 — 090 mz
(D) 1-5 – 1-75 mz
29. Goal of extension education is-
(A) To promote income of the

(B) To promote production of
the crops
(C) To promote new crops
(D) To promote scientific outlook
30. The major fungi that effect food-grains in storage are-—
(A) Mucor
(B) Rhizopus
(C) Candida
(D) Aspergillus
31. The leaching loss of Nitrogen (N) is more in the form of–
(A) Ammonia
(B) Nitrate
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Water solution
32. Which is not a natural factor affecting soil fertility ?
(A) Topography
(B) Soil age
(C) Air
(D) Parent material
33. Approximately how much area in lakh hectares of saline and alkali soils are there in Uttar
Pradesh ?
(A) 15-00 lakh hectares
(B) 12-4 lakhhectares
(C) 10-4 lakh hectares
(D) 14-4 lakh hectares
34. How much percentage of soluble salts are present in Alkali soils ?
(A) 1% • 2%
(B) 0-1% — 0-2%
(C) 1-5% — 2-5%
(D) 2% ~ 3%

35, How much is the cropped area in Uttar Pradesh ?
(A) 9%
(B) 11%
(C) 12%
(D) 8%
36. The monsoon airs in the country reaches at which bank first of all ?
(A) Coastal region of Orissa
(B) Bay of Bengal region
(C) Coastal region of Kerala of
South Indian region
(D) Kachchh region of Gujarat
37. A.D.P. to A.T.P. change is called
(A) Photosymthesis
(B) Phosphorylation
(C) Transpiration
(D) Oxidation
38. What is the order of C 4 plants 7
(A) Sugarcane — Maize — Sudan
grass — Bajra
(B) Sugarcane — Cotton – Paddy
– Maize
(C) Sudan grass – Sugarcane –
Paddy •- Bajra
(D) Cotton — Maize ~ Bajra —
39. At what stage are more nutrients essentially required in cereal crops ?
(A) Growth stage of plants
(B)` Formation of leaves
(C) Particle initiation
(D) Maturity of crops
40. At which stage of crop, there is no compehtion for light, moisture and nutrients 7
(A) Node formation stage
(B) Seedling stage

(C) Grain formation stage
(D) Before maturity stage
41. Approximately how much HCN dose is harmful for animal feeding
(A) 0-25 gm
(B) 050 gm
(C) 2•50 gm
(D) 3-50 gm
42. Due to which reason is the Napier Grass mixed with Cluster bean or Cowpea for feeding ?
(A) Due to high crude fibre
(B) Due to oxalic acid
(C) Due to more carbohydrates
(D) Due to more HCN content
43. Which is the perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass) ?
(A) Pusa Giant
(B) NB-21 `
(C) Pusa Giant Napier
(D) Napier-1
44. More than how much percentage of loss of urea should not be during silage fermentation ?
(A) 20% — 22%
(B) 15% — 18%
(C) 10% — 12%
(D) 8% — 10%
45. From where is Krishak Bharati magazine published ?
(A) G. B. Pant University of
Agriculture & Technology, Pant
(B) C. S. A, University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur
(C) Narendra Dev University of
Agriculture and Technology,
(D) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
University of Agriculture and
Technology, Meerut

46. How much minimum temperature is essential for wheat germination and optimum
temperature for crop growth in degree
Celsius ?
(A) 3•5°C-5•5°C and 20°C—22°C
(B) 5•6°C—7•5°C and 16°C—18°C
(C) 8°C—10°C and 30°C—35°C
(D) 10°C—12C and 25°C—30°C
47. In case of availability of two irrigations for wheat, at which critical stage crop should be
irrigated ?
(A) Tillering and Flowering
(B) Crown Root Initiation and Milking stage p
(C) Crown Root Initiation and Flowering
(D) Late joint and Dough stage
48. Which is not the symptom of Khuim disease
(A) Dark grey colour spots on leaves
(B) Adverse effect on root growth
(C) More diseases stop the crop growth
(D) Stem of plants tum and fall 1 down
49. What is the suitable Rabi maize variety ?
(A) Sharadmani
(B) Azad Uttam
(C) Naveen
(D) Ganga — 5
50. Which disease is not related to Bajra ?
(A) Green Ear
(B) Ergot
(C) Wilt
(D) Rust

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