IIA Entrance Exam Sample Question Paper

Sample Questions for IIA Entrance Exam
The syllabus for the IIA entrance exam is the standard BSc. & M.Sc Physics syllabus covering di erent areas of specialization. In particular, it presumes that the candidates have taken basic courses in Mathematical Physics, Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Statistical Mechanics.There will be some questions in special subjects such as Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics etc in addition to coverage in applied areas such as Electronics, Instrumentation and Optics. The question paper will be multiple-choice. It will contain questions of two levels of dificulty. The rst level will have 30 \easier” questions carrying 1 mark each. The second level will have 30 \dificult” questions carrying 3 marks each. Therefore, the test questions will have a total of 60 questions with 30 from each level, adding to a total maximum marks of 120. It is suggested that the candidate answer as many questions as possible in 3 hrs keeping in mind that negative marking for wrong answers is one third the value of the question (-1 or 1/3) and concentrate on those questions within the candidate’s grasp or specialization.The current pattern could be subject to change in the future

1. Black-body radiation, at temperature Ti lls a volume V . The system expands adiabatically and
reversibly to a volume 8 V . The nal temperature Tf = xTi, where the factor x is equal to
(a) 0.5 (b) 2.8 (c) 0.25 (d) 1

10. A particle of mass 1 gm starts from rest and moves under the action of a force of 30 Newtons de ned
in the rest frame. It will reach 99% the velocity of light in a time of

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