JNVU PTET 2011 Model Paper

1 The opposite of ‘heavy’ in a heavy box is
A Small B Empty
C Light D Thin
E Weightless

2 Find the odd man out
A Pious B Holy
C Sacred D Charming

3 Choose the word spelt correctly
A Synonymus B Synonymous
C synomymous D Synomymus
E Synonymus

4 Ram finished his meal. He left for the college. The above pair of sentences if written as a single sentence, which of the following is correct?
A While finishing his meal, Ram left for the college.
B Ram left for the college, when the meal finished.
C When finishing his meal, Ram left for the college.
D Having finished his meal, Ram left for the college.

5 Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank in the following sentence
Much against her wishes, Kamla’s father……. her
to leave her job.
A Compelled B Advised
C Prompted D Requested
E Ordered

6 He passed in the examination with flying colours. The sentence means. A He used very good colours in the examination paper.
B He passed the test in colour drawings.
C He passed the examination with great distinction.
D He went for examination wearing good colour clothes.

Read the passage below and answer question 7 and 8 based on the passage :
After a long time man invented something which changed the system of transport in the world. It was the wheel. Yes, the same wheel that you see in bullock cart, a bicycle, a bus and a train. Today, it appears such an ordinary thing that one does not treat it as a great invention. But man took a long time in making this small object and understanding its utility. Formerly heavy loads had to be carried by men or animals. One can well imagine how difficult it was. Then someone must have realised that a round object moves faster than flat one. The first cart must have looked like a log of wood fitted with round wooden pieces. Removing the wheel from our life would mean bringing the entire civilization to a halt.

7 The wheel does not look like a major invention, because :
A the use of the wheel is a recent thing.
B it was invented a long time ago.
C its use has now become very common.
D all vehicles have wheels.

8 If wheels are removed from our lives
A man will not be able to work at all.
B we will have no work.
C present civilization will come to an end.
D life will become very risky.

JNVU PTET Model Paper

JNVU PTET 2011 Pattern and Syllabus

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