MPET Chemistry Previous Year Papers | Madhya Pradesh Pre Engineering Test Chemisrty Papers

MPET Chemistry Sample Papers-1

1.The Scientist responsible for the addition of zero group to Mendeleev’s original periodic table was

a) Planck b) Bohv c) Rutherford d) Ramsay
2.The two places left empty by Mendeleev in the periodic table were later filled by the elements
a) Al and Si b) Ar and Sb c) Sb and Bi d) Ga and Ge
3.An atom which atomic number 29 belongs to
a) 3rd period and 4th group b) 4th group and 2nd period c) 4th period and 11th group d) 11th group and 3rd period
4.The first electron affinity of halogens vary in the order
a) F>Cl>Br>I b) Cl>Br>F>I c) I>Br>Cl>F d) Cl>F>Br>I
5.The successive ionization energies of a metal M are 100.5 and 1124.5 k Cal respectively. The possible formula of its chloride will be
a) MCl4 b) MCl3 c) MCl2 d) MCl

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MPET Chemistry Sample Papers-2

Q. 1. Which one of the following is the correct statement?
i. Chlorides of both beryllium and aluminium have bridged chloride structures in solid phase.
ii. B2H6.2NH3 is known as ‘inorganic benzene’.
iii. Boric acid is a protonic acid.
iv. Beryllium exhibits coordination number of six.
Sol: Becl2 and Alcl3 both have bridged structure in solid phase.
B3N3 H6 is known as inorganic benzene.
Boric acid is Lewis acid.
Beryllium exhibits coordination number of 4

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