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General instructions
1. This question booklet contains 5 sections, with mark distribution as follows.
Section 1 General 60 marks Compulsory
Section 2 Biology 70 marks
Section 3 Chemistry 70 marks
Section 4 Mathematics 70 marks
Section 5 Physics 70 marks
Choose any two sections
Total = 60 + 2 X 70 = 200 marks
2. Section 1 is a General section and is compulsory.
3. Sections 2 to 5 are subject sections (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics). Choose any two. That is, omit any two of the four subject sections.
4. Carefully read and follow the instructions given in each section.
5. Answers to the questions are to be marked in the Answer Sheet provided.
6. Ensure that you have received Answer Sheet A.
7. Rough work should be done on the sheets provided.
8. Return the Answer Sheet to the invigilator at the end of the examination.
9. Calculators, log tables, cell phones, etc. are not permitted in the examination hall. Instructions for writing on Answer Sheet
1. Read and follow the instructions given on the Answer Sheet.
2. Write your name, roll number and other required information with ball point pen in the appropriate boxes provided. Sign your name with ball point pen in the box provided.
3. Your roll number (given on the admit card) must be entered correctly. If entered wrongly or not entered, the Answer Sheet may not be graded.
4. In the remaining part of Answer Sheet use HB pencil only as instructed. Make sure that the bubbles are lled properly (as shown in Answer Sheet).
5. Each question has four options. Fill the appropriate bubble(s). Some questions (as speci ed in the question paper) have more than one correct option.
6. Ensure that you are lling up the bubbles corresponding to correct sections.
7. Fill in the answers only when you are sure that you do not need to change the answer. As far as possible, avoid erasing the answer. In case you have to erase the answer, do so properly so that there is no black spot inside the bubble.

Section 1: GENERAL

Marks for Section 1: 60 This section contains 22 questions.
For each question, only one of the 4 options is a correct answer. For questions 1.1 to 1.16, a correct answer will earn 3 marks. For questions 1.17 to 1.22, a correct answer will earn 2 marks. For this section, a wrong answer or an unattempted question will earn 0 mar

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